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Technical requirements for mobile conveyor idlers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-29
Well, in this issue of Xinxing Knowledge Class, we mainly come to know the various parts of the loading conveyor, so who's turn to appear today? Correct! 'Roller'. The roller is an important part of the belt conveyor. There are many types and large quantities. The function is to support the belt, reduce the running resistance of the belt, and make the verticality of the belt not exceed a certain limit to ensure the smooth running of the belt. There are many classifications of mobile conveyor rollers according to materials, uses, and so on. Let’s take a look~ 1. Mobile conveyor rollers are divided into rubber rollers, ceramic rollers, nylon rollers and insulating rollers according to their materials. . 2. There are mainly trough roller groups, various parallel roller groups, various self-aligning roller groups, and various buffer roller groups. (1) Groove idlers include ordinary idlers, forward inclined idlers, quick-change bearing idlers, hanging idlers, triple chain idlers, reversible idlers, variable groove angle idlers, and transitional idlers. Rollers, V-shaped idlers, etc.; (2) Parallel idlers include ordinary idlers, comb idlers, forward inclined idlers, steel rubber idlers, spiral idlers, etc.; (3) self-aligning idlers Rollers include general-purpose, friction-reversible idlers, powerful idlers, cone idlers, spiral idlers, combined idlers, etc.; (4) Buffer idlers include spring plate idlers, buffer ring idlers, Powerful buffer rollers, adjustable elastic rollers, hanging rollers, etc.; 3. The rollers are classified into self-aligning rollers, buffer rollers, trough rollers, and parallel rollers according to their uses. (1) The function of the self-aligning roller is to correct the deviation of the belt conveyor. Usually, a rotary groove-shaped self-aligning roller is installed on the heavy-duty section of the conveyor, and a parallel self-aligning roller is installed on the no-load section. (2) The buffer roller is applied to the tailstock of the machine according to the actual situation. When receiving the material, it can reduce the impact of the material on the belt, which is beneficial to the service life of the long belt. (3) The trough-shaped roller is generally composed of two side rollers and a flat roller. The groove angle is generally 30 degrees. For a detachable belt conveyor, the three rollers of the trough-shaped roller are hinged on each other. At the same time, it is called hinged roller. (4) The parallel roller is generally a long roller, which is installed at the lower end under pressure, so it is called the lower roller. The sealing of the roller of the mobile loading conveyor can be divided into steel and plastic. Their seals are filled with grease inside. The quality of the roller directly affects the power consumption of the belt conveyor and the life of the belt. Therefore, reliable dust-proof sealing and good lubrication are important standards for use. The mobile conveyor idlers account for 35% of the total cost of a belt conveyor and generate more than 70% resistance, so the quality of the idlers is particularly important. So what are the factors that affect the rollers? Let us take a look together: 1. Roller radial runout (this index directly affects the stability of material conveying) 2. Axial string momentum (directly affects the service life of the roller) 3. Flexibility (affects the support The service life of the roller and the service life of the tape, as well as the drive power of the whole machine) 4. Waterproof performance (affecting the service life of the roller) 5. Dustproof performance (affecting the service life of the roller) 6. Axial bearing capacity (affecting the roller Service life) 7. Impact resistance (affecting the service life of the roller) 8. Rotation resistance (affecting the service life of the belt). The reason why the mobile conveyors produced by our company are of high quality, and users say they are good after using them, is because the quality of our conveyor accessories is very good, including mobile conveyor rollers, wheels, motors, etc., which are all selected from famous manufacturers and brand-name products.
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