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Telescopic roller conveyors are highly flexible conveyors, popularily known as expandable conveyors. These conveyors are built in more than one sections which stow in when not in use to occupy little floor space. When extended these expandable conveyor are highly useful in loading / unloading small dock level vans to large trailer containers.

Robust extendible gravity conveyor for Unloading container vehicles of all sizes This gravity conveyor is a development of the highly successful Telescopic . Mounted
on a large robust box section chassis with an adjustable platform which suits most tailboard heights. Fully welded steel construction giving stability & strength. Low inertia 50mm diameter PVC rollers set at 65mm centers allows transportation small & large parcels. Each deck of track is independently height adjustable by means of A screw jack allowing correct gravity fall. Smooth transfer between Decks is achieved by a series of 20mm diameter steel rollers within a transfer slider section. Intended for off-loading only without the need of a loading dock, the telescopic can be used in conjunction
with other conveyor from our extensive range to reach all areas of the warehouse.

Our friendly engineers are more than happy to discuss your requirements, offer advice and work with you to help deliver your bespoke telescopic roller conveyor. You can contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements on these warehouse conveyor system.

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