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YiFan's Dockless Loading & Unloading Conveyor

YiFan's Dockless Loading & Unloading Conveyor


Automatic trailer/van/truck/container loading and unloading conveyor is quite welcome to automatically load or unload goods in and out of trailers /vans/ trucks/containers in warehouse, harbor, airport, dock, etc. It solves the problems of no shipping docks when loading or unloading. The mechanized operation largely increases work efficiency, relieves labor intensity and also reduces cost for modern enterprises in a wide range of applications. It facilitates goods handling work and also provides advantages to advanced production, modernized management and safe operation.

Auto loading/unloading on ground floor: get it done to stuff a 40ft container in ONE hour with THREE employees only !



The conveyor consists of two parts: FLEXIBLE TONGUE (three types optional) & UPGRADING CONVEYOR, which can both work independently.

The conveyor is easily movable;Its end can be extended with other flexible conveyor so as to reach closer to the target goods;

Either type of flexible “tongue” can be lifted up to a certain height and extended towards target goods; 

Controlled by one electric box, it can be right started or stopped and run forward or reverse at will;

It can be applied as a horizontal conveyor line when the tongue is not lifted. 

Model List

● 7.2m flexible motorized tongue ( Model: CBLC-600 )

● 4.2m flexible motorized tongue ( Model: TLC-P600 )

● 2m flexible motorized tongue ( Model: TLC-S600 )

● 6.9m flexible gravity tongue ( Model: TLC-G600 )

● no tongue ( Model: TLC-600 )

● Foldale type without tongue ( Model: TLC-F600 )

● Auto walking type ( Model: TLC-W600 )

● With person operate plateform ( Model: TLC-L600 )

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