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2021 Trends "Electric Auto Mobile Telescopic Loading/Unloading Conveyor Belt"

2021 Trends "Electric Auto Mobile Telescopic Loading/Unloading Conveyor Belt"

2021 Trends Electric Auto Mobile Telescopic Loading/Unloading Conveyor Belt"

Loading unloading trucks/trailers/containers by telescopic belt conveyor is becoming more and more common in factories and warehouses, as it can highly help to save labor cost, reduce work intensity and increase work efficiency.

Different from logistics and courier companies, most factories do not have loading docks and the loading area is the pass way or front gate, so it can not be occupied all the time. So MOBILE type and DOCKLESS type telescopic belt conveyor becoming welcomed by people in 2020. 

YiFan Conveyor Group have been focus on producing movable telescopic belt conveyor for 3 years. Last year, we research and development a ELECTRIC AUTO MOBILE type telescopic conveyor to meet the market requirements. It can easily be moved to the discharge area for loading unloading cartons/bags, and can move back freely after use. Our goal is to make your life and work more easy, more safe, more efficient!

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