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Asia Warehousing Show

Asia Warehousing Show


Asia Warehousing Show a bouquet of events set to give voice to intricate matters of Logistics Operations…

Thailand is witnessing another industrial revolution in the form of Industry 4.0. Industries covered in the same are ranging from logistics to robotics and automation. Asia Warehousing Show 2020 is definitely in line with industry 4.0 and embracing the change.


Asia Warehousing Show (AWS) which will take place in BITEC, Bangkok is an exhibition and meeting place where professionals from warehousing, material handling, storage, AIDC, intra-logistics, supply chain, transport & logistics industry meet the buyers and various end-users.


Concurrent Events:


Material Handling Equipment Expo Asia (MHE Asia) aims to bring material handling equipment manufacturers to showcase and demonstrate new technological equipments used throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal by any user industry.



Robotic & Auotmation4Logistics: an exclusive zone created to focus on community creating robotics solutions and those seeking the most innovative solutions for their manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics applications.


Supply Chain Zone (SCZ) will have leading 3PL, 4PL, Logistics Parks and Warehousing companies exhibiting their services at the show. This will significantly attract professionals from the end-user segments who are interested in these services.


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