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Features and selection of automatic vertical conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-17
Logistics centers can be divided into several types such as sorting distribution logistics centers, automatic three-dimensional warehouses/large warehousing logistics centers, and multi-functional integrated logistics centers. In Japan, the automatic vertical loading conveyor system is often planned and used as the main system of the multi-functional logistics center due to its excellent flexibility and low maintenance cost. In China, the application of automatic vertical conveyors has just started, and the market prospects are broad. 1. The characteristics of the automatic vertical conveyor The automatic vertical loading conveyor refers to an automatic non-manned cargo conveying system that uses horizontal and vertical conveying devices to realize the vertical and horizontal conveying of goods in a multi-storey building structure. The structure of a standard vertical conveyor is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 The structure of a standard vertical conveyor The concept of an automatic vertical conveyor originated from Japan and is included in the category of precision equipment in Japan, so it does not require cumbersome safety inspections like elevators. Due to different safety standards, in order to distinguish it from a simple hoist and a hydraulic scissor hoist, the definition of an automatic vertical conveyor appeared. At present, in Japan, the technical standards and safety standards of automatic vertical conveyors have been quite perfect. 2. How to choose an automatic vertical conveyor. When choosing an automatic vertical conveyor, you need to understand the criteria for the pros and cons of the product. Usually start from the following aspects. (1) The structure and technology of the lifting tower body At present, most of the general production enterprises use angle steel, square steel or aluminum alloy to manufacture the lifting tower body of the automatic vertical conveyor, mainly because the production process is simple and the investment cost is low. The design process of the automatic vertical conveyor adopts a tower-type integrated design structure. The main lifting motor is located on the top of the tower body. The vibration coefficient of the tower body determines the stability of the equipment. The strength calculation data of the assembled equipment tower body is the final evaluation of the quality of the elevator. key. (2) The design standards of the safety detection system include the following aspects: ①Gravity sensor: detect the existence of cargo and control overweight loading, etc.; ②Cargo shape photoelectric sensor: detect whether the shape of the cargo fits the specified range, and whether the operator can work properly; ③Enter Safety monitoring system: prevent personnel from entering the dangerous area; ④safety monitoring system for cargo handling delay and over-limit; ⑤forklift proximity sensing device, forklift leaving sensing device, sensing device for personnel entering dangerous area during operation, etc.; ⑥Safety fault code automatic Display system and troubleshooting system. (3) Roller material and processing technology The main process of automatic vertical conveyors is rollers and chains. Therefore, the quality of rollers and chains directly determines the pros and cons of the entire conveyor handling system. The processing technology, diameter, thickness, and steel hardness of the roller are based on the weight and size of the product to be transported. If the roller is used improperly, the weight of the transported object cannot match the requirements of the roller, and the roller will deform in a short time. The chain is divided into the main lifting chain and the horizontal drive chain, and its strength is an important basis for evaluating the quality of the automatic vertical conveyor.
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