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Talking about the use of economical and practical standard components in chain conveyor system

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-10

The chain conveyor system uses economical and practical standard components to develop a tailor-made special assembly line

Equipment solutions, this is the secret of the success of assembly equipment manufacturers. Industrial Automation Professional Manufacturer Ningbo YiFan Company

The author talks about how they work. Many Chinese companies make full use of the standard parts and systems of YiFan's assembly technology

The economic advantage of the system, the core of which is the chain transport conveyor system. The equipment assembly scheme for the manufacture of diesel engines satisfies the

Car manufacturers have extremely high quality requirements.

YiFan chain transport water using endless chains with a width of 90mm

The wire system only requires a structure width of 1100mm. In fact, YiFan already has a set of automation solutions.

The solution was developed in cooperation with the parts design for the oil pump assembly of Shanghai Volkswagen. Newly added components for the latest

A generation of direct injection diesel engine, the core of the new component equipment is a set of YiFan chain loading conveyor automation system. For this application, a chain width of 90mm is ideal, as this can accommodate extremely narrow footprint gauges

Determine. In this application, only a width of about 1100 mm is required for the entire cycle of the chain conveyor system, and the conveying distance in the longitudinal direction is

About 6000 mm respectively. On the assembly section of the oil pump, the chain conveyor system of YiFan runs at a speed of 6m/min, making the

The takt time achieved by the entire machine is 29s, a speed that precisely matches the production process here.

transportation system also appeals to equipment manufacturers because it reduces the overall cost for the owner. chain conveyor system

The system is only composed of several basic modules, which greatly facilitates the design of the equipment. Tried and defined interfaces provide a high degree of

functional reliability, and can be installed and commissioned smoothly and put into production, and the robust and durable design of the system ensures the equipment

Failure-free operation and long maintenance intervals.

The conveyor chain can withstand extremely high tensile forces, up to 1250 N

. The workpiece holder is longitudinally variable and can be easily adjusted to the product to be transported by simply placing the workpiece

The bracket is adjusted according to the component only. There are a total of seven units with fixing stations selected from the accessories catalogue, which hold the workpiece

The bracket is positioned at the specified point. After that, the stations can also be moved flexibly to any location on the conveying path without machining.

Location. This way, customers can simply make changes to the components when needed, at no cost.

In addition, the overall solution includes aluminium profiles for the frame base, a

And transfer automation equipment system, the system is responsible for transporting the parts to the assembly equipment, and then the assembled oil pump assembly

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