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Herringbone mesh belt transmission design

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-08
Design a 1500x1000mm automatic feeding device, which is transmitted by stainless steel herringbone mesh belt. How to design the internal structure of the drum, and whether it needs to be plastic-coated?

Whether the drum should be plastic-coated or not depends on the user's requirements.

If the product is made of steel, the surface has several common types such as carbon steel paint, galvanized, chrome-plated, nickel-plated and stainless steel.

If it is plastic coated, it is resistant to acid and alkali or other chemical corrosion, and it is common to be coated with black rubber. In addition, there are differences in the thickness of the cladding layer and the type of pattern. In short, according to the requirements of customers, of course, some brands do not provide surface-coated products.
The common purpose of surface coating:

1--Prevent the product being conveyed from being damaged by collision with the roller;


3--Anti-metal corrosion.

Therefore this requirement can be done without plastic wrapping.

If you use an external power roller, you can use welding, but I am afraid that the welding will be off-center. It is recommended to turn the inner diameter of the outer cylinder and the outer diameter of the inner shaft before welding, so that there is a gap between the two Cooperate.
In addition, if the drum speed is very high, it is better to do a dynamic balance, otherwise it will easily damage the bearings at both ends and even the reducer.
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