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Features, structure, function and characteristics of spiral chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-16
Spiral chain conveyor characteristics, structure, function and characteristics: continuous feeding without rhythm: the spiral chain conveyor uses a chain plate conveyor belt, and its mechanical movement is based on the traditional linear conveying. Linear trajectory conveying, so compared with other types of material vertical conveying equipment, it has the advantages of no rhythm and high production efficiency. Traction structure with low friction coefficient: the reliable drive bottom chain of the spiral chain conveyor adopts Taiwan GM chain, which has strong tensile strength and excellent side bending ability; the conveyor chain plate is made of reinforced polycarbonate instead of injection molding. It has good flexibility and low coefficient of friction; quantitative oil circuit lubrication system device: reduce the frictional resistance and wear caused by the chain plate and track operation, and increase the service life; low-cost, fast and easy maintenance: the structure of the spiral chain plate conveyor is characterized by Adopting track-type traction conveying-independent and simplified track structure, wear-resistant material properties, and long service life; loading conveyor belt adopts modular embedded chain, and accessories can be quickly replaced; simple control system, no complicated beat sensor linkage joints; stable screw loading conveyor Performance: The spiral angle of the spiral chain loading conveyor is calculated and manufactured after long-term production experience, and the material does not fall or stagnate during the operation. The spiral chain plate of the screw conveyor adopts imported POM material with high polymer content, which has high toughness and friction life, and is not easy to age and break. Spiral chain conveyor equipment technical parameter description Center column: φ530mm*6.0mm, Q235 spiral tube; base: 100mm*100mm*5.0mm carbon steel square tube welding. Support frame: φ48mm*3.0mm carbon steel round pipe welding; body plate: 3.0mm carbon steel sheet metal welding. Running track: QA-T30mm ultra-high molecular weight nylon and PE extrusion molding; track steel: 5mm carbon steel cold-rolled steel welding processing. chain plate: QA-LX screw conveyor chain plate (graphite black); chain plate bottom chain: Guimeng GM-RS60 side bending chain. Drive motor: Suzhou SEW brand geared motor, equipped with a special stable torque arm for QA-43DS screw conveyor. Main drive shaft: 45# carbon steel material, high-precision manufacturing and processing on a CNC lathe, blackened surface after quenching and tempering. Drive sprocket: quenching treatment, the surface is black; chain plate supporting wheel: polymer nylon block machine processing. Fully automatic lubrication system: QA-LX-RH-32 comes standard with the model) Electrical control composition Surface treatment: The cutting part is cut with laser technology, and the cutting point is smooth; for the polishing and grinding treatment of the welding part, the stainless steel material or aluminum part of the equipment is removed In addition, they are all protected by paint, and their quality is in accordance with the GB61007-86 standard (no less than three coats of paint, one primer and two top coats).
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