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Research on dynamic balance technology of conveyor sprocket assembly

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-03
Dynamic balance is a basic common problem that must be solved in the production and manufacturing process of rotating products. Its pros and cons directly determine the working performance and service life of the product, and have a huge impact on the quality of the product. According to statistics at home and abroad, 40% of the failures of loading conveyor sprocket components are related to vibration, and most of these vibrations are caused by the dynamic imbalance of the sprocket. Dynamic balance correction is divided into two basic processes: balance weighing (measurement) and dynamic balance weight removal (processing), that is, on the basis of completing the imbalance and phase measurement, a certain processing method is used to complete the elimination of the imbalance. In some industrialized countries, due to the advanced measurement technology and the integrated dynamic balance correction strategy of CNC machining, that is, through the automatic measurement of dynamic balance, the measurement results are then transmitted to the CNC machining equipment in a certain communication mode to control the completion of the workpiece. Milling, to achieve the purpose of automatic correction of dynamic balance. In the 1980s, a dynamic balance correction integrated equipment composed of multiple stations including feeding, measurement, processing, quality evaluation, and sieving appeared. It has made great achievements in correction efficiency, correction accuracy, and correction quality stability. The progress of this technology has become the mainstream and direction of the development of dynamic balance correction technology and conveyors. 1. Dynamic balance correction theory of sprocket assembly In the production process, due to the uneven distribution of material density, defects in processing blanks, processing errors, assembly errors and design errors, etc., the quality of the workpiece will be unevenly distributed and a certain eccentricity will be formed. As a result, centrifugal force is generated due to inertia during rotation. There are 4 basic types of unbalanced sprocket components: static unbalance, couple unbalance, dynamic unbalance and quasi-static unbalance. When the sprocket assembly has static imbalance, the imbalance only acts on the radial plane of the sprocket assembly, and has the following characteristics: (1) As long as the sprocket assembly's central inertia axis is displaced parallel to the axis of rotation, the sprocket assembly The components will have static imbalance; (2) When the sprocket assembly has static imbalance, its axis of rotation is parallel to the central line of inertia; (3) When the sprocket assembly only has static imbalance, when it rotates When there is only the centrifugal force generated by the unbalanced mass m passing through the center of gravity and the static unbalanced force on the sprocket assembly, the unbalanced force couple is zero; (4) When there is a static unbalanced mass mr, in the static state, the chain The offset of the center of gravity of the wheel assembly relative to the axis of rotation is e; (5) The unbalance can be observed in the stationary state, and a single weight can be added in the direction opposite to the unbalance in the plane of the center of gravity or subtracted in the same direction. One quality is corrected. 2. Realization of sprocket assembly transmission balance correction Figure 1 is a block diagram of the dynamic balance automatic correction system, which is mainly composed of a dynamic balance measurement module, a dynamic balance processing module, and a manipulator for workpiece switching. Fig. 1 The principle block diagram of the automatic correction of the conveying motor balance. The measurement and control unit of the system is composed of a combination of an industrial computer system and a PLC control module. The workpiece switching manipulator is realized by the PLC control module. This manipulator has the functions of up and down movement, 180° rotation in the horizontal plane, clamping and loosening of the workpiece, and pushing and retreating functions. Under the control of PLC, it can realize multiple working modes such as manual and automatic. After the system is powered on, use the rotary button to select manual or automatic, if it is manual, it will execute manual molding, otherwise it will execute automatic program. The PLC control module is mainly used for the issuance of the switching control signal of the switch detection box in the system, and realizes the information exchange with the measurement module and the processing module through the serial communication, obtains some working status information of the system, and completes the control of the three-phase asynchronous spindle motor, The opening and closing control of cylinders and air motors can realize various operations such as driving of machining tools, switching of workpieces between measuring modules and machining modules, pressing and positioning, etc., so as to coordinate and control the entire system. This article starts with the theory of dynamic balance automatic correction, and analyzes the dynamic balance principle and dynamic balance correction method for the loading conveyor sprocket assembly. An overall design scheme of dynamic balance automatic correction integrated system is proposed, and the specific unit modules in the scheme are analyzed and planned.
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