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Brief Analysis of Structural Design of Belt Conveyor Roller

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-06

At present, the maximum tensile strength of the conveyor belt among the steel cord core belt conveyor series in China is 400N/mm. on existing belt conveyors

In the structure of the machine, casting conveyor rollers are mainly used. Welded conveyor rollers are only used when the output is very small, because in the

In this case it is not cost-effective to prepare the casting process unit. The thickness of the welded conveyor roller is close to that of the cast conveyor roller,

And its difficult to manufacture casting conveyor rollers.

And when practice table, conveyor rollers of welded construction under heavy load often Failed due to cracked welds, cast conveyor rollers can be significantly reduced

This chance. The conveyor roller is an important part of the belt conveyor. For the steel rope core belt conveyor, the driving conveyor roller

The diameter of the drum depends on the strength of the conveyor belt and the diameter of the steel rope core. Generally, the ratio of the diameter of the drum of the driving conveyor to the diameter of the steel rope core is not

Less than 150. Therefore, the large conveyor roller adopts the cast structure.

1. The advantages and

Structure selection The conveyor rollers of belt conveyors have two forms: drive conveyor rollers and gear conveyor rollers. drive conveying

One form of the conveyor roller is the electric conveyor roller, which is designed with the motor and the gear reduction device on the conveyor roller.
, although the structure is compact and the volume is light, it is not easy to install and disassemble, which is not conducive to maintenance and repair, and the manufacturing process is complex.

Miscellaneous, difficult to dissipate heat.

There is also a form of gear conveyor roller, which is a gear reduction device designed in the loading conveyor roller.

Inside, it absorbs the advantages of compact structure and light volume of the electric conveyor roller, but it is the same as the electric conveyor roller,

Small size and poor heat dissipation, so it can only be used on low-power belt conveyors. We use a small power output of only 15KW

rollers are used as an example to describe the gear conveyor rollers using belt conveyors.

The main advantage of gear transmission is:

Reliable, long service life, in line with the design requirements of 10a life, its instantaneous transmission ratio is constant, the work is stable, and the transmission efficiency is high

. Gear transmission includes cylindrical gear transmission, bevel gear transmission, planetary gear transmission and other transmission modes. For economic reasons, the

Design decided to use two-stage cylindrical gear transmission. Bevel gears are generally used for non-parallel transmission and are not considered here.

2. Determination of transmission parameters First, distribute the transmission ratio of the two pairs of meshing gears. When distributing the transmission ratio, it should be

Consider the following principles: The transmission ratio of each level of transmission should be within a reasonable range and not exceed the maximum allowable value to meet the requirements of all levels of transmission.

The working characteristics of the driving principle and form, and make the structure more compact; attention should be paid to coordinate the dimensions of the transmission at all levels, and the structure is well-proportioned and reasonable

; Try to make the transmission device as compact in size or small in weight as possible; try to make the oil immersion depth of the large gears at all levels reasonable; consider the transmission

Parts do not interfere with collisions.

Then the speed of each axis is calculated, and then the output power of the motor and each axis are calculated. The efficiency of the

Calculate the input power and output power of each shaft, finally calculate the output torque of the motor, and then calculate the input power of each shaft

and output power. If you have any questions after reading the above, please call our hotline 400-

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