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Application of screw conveyor in toner

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-11
2015-09-25 17:44:30    Toner dust refers to solid particles suspended in the air. Traditionally, there are many names for dust, such as dust, dust, smoke, mineral dust, sand dust, powder, etc. These terms have no obvious boundaries. According to the International Organization for Standardization, suspended solids with a particle size of less than 75μm are defined as carbon powder.   Screw conveyor is a kind of powder material handling device, its structure is relatively simple and compact, the work performance is reliable, and the cost is low. At present, it is widely used in the food industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, transportation and other sectors, such as conveying cement, chemicals, sand, flour, salt and so on. Tubular screw conveyor is used in cement transportation, cement is not easy to fly, which not only reduces waste, but also reduces environmental pollution. It is a good cement transportation equipment.   Screw conveyor body includes head bearing, tail bearing, screw shaft, outer tube, observation port and other parts. The driving device is composed of a motor, a reducer, and a coupling. The inclined installation angle of the large-incline screw conveyor is generally about 4°, and the length generally does not exceed 8 meters. In order to avoid excessive bending of the spiral shaft and cause friction with the outer tube, the middle of the spiral shaft should be supported and the winding degree should be checked. The intermediate support is set to reduce the radial winding of the screw conveying shaft, and the working conditions of this part are bad. Since the helical blades are discontinuous at the intermediate support, the length and lateral dimension of the support along the axis direction should be minimized to prevent the material from being blocked here. The support here can be in the form of a support bearing or a flange support.   The suspension bearings of the screw loading conveyor should reliably support the connecting shaft, and the screw should not be jammed or bent. The suspension bearing should be installed at the center point of the connecting shaft, and the gap between its end face and the end face of the two spiral pipe shafts should be greater than 10mm. In order to adjust the cumulative error of the length between the casing and the screw, it is allowed to add pads between the flanges of each casing during installation. When the center height of the low-speed shaft of the drive device reducer is too different from the center height of the screw conveyor, the height of the drive device can be adjusted by using a gasket. During the no-load test run, if oil leakage is found in the bearing, the bearing should be removed and the tightness of the spring in the seal ring should be adjusted until there is no oil leakage. The temperature rise of each bearing during the no-load test run should not exceed 20 ℃; if the temperature rise is too high, it indicates that the position of the suspension bearing is improperly installed, resulting in the jamming of the connecting shaft. During the load test, the temperature rise of each bearing should not exceed 30°C.   In order to prevent tiny particles of materials from entering the bearing, reliable dust-proof and lubrication facilities must be adopted here. The screw conveyor is very sensitive to overload and is prone to blockage. In order to achieve a better conveying state, the screw pitch of the screw shaft is better to adopt a variable pitch. The pitch of the lower part is smaller than the pitch of the upper part. This structure can prevent material overload and blockage. According to foreign data and actual structure use, the difference between the first half of the pitch and the second half of the pitch is generally 30-50mm. Large inclination screw conveyors have been widely used in foreign concrete mixing equipment. In our country, it is just the beginning. The design and parameter selection of large-incline screw conveyors are constantly improving with the structure of conveying machinery.
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