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Analyze the purchase factors of conveyors. Do you need to compare and why couplers are installed?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-24
On the website products and keywords, the following will be related to the product and keywords of the conveyor, because we need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of it. Based on this, we will learn and master the relevant knowledge so that we can apply them flexibly to actual work, so that we can make good use of every learning opportunity and avoid waste.  1. Do the relevant factors of conveyor purchase need to be compared?    product purchase, because this is an important task, it should be treated and carried out seriously, and should not be treated lightly and carelessly. When purchasing a product, it is necessary to comprehensively consider all its related factors, so as to have an accurate judgment and correct choice. What everyone needs to know is that the factors related to product purchase are all important considerations and all need to be considered. Therefore, based on this point, it can be concluded that the relevant factors of the loading conveyor do not need to be compared when purchasing, and it is impossible to compare. 2. Is there a difference between conveyor and belt conveyor?    Belt conveyor, which is the abbreviation of belt conveyor, the main transmission part is the belt plus the roller, and the conveyor has different types, such as screw loading conveyor, belt conveyor Belt conveyors, chain conveyors, roller conveyors, weighing conveyors, and double-speed chain conveyors. Therefore, belt conveyors are a specific type of conveyors. There is a difference between the two. 3. What parts of the general belt conveyor? Why install a coupler on the belt conveyor?    General belt conveyor, which has loading conveyor belts, rollers, rollers and drives, brakes, tensioning devices, Redirection device and cleaning device and other parts. The installation of a coupler on the belt conveyor mainly achieves the two purposes of protecting the motor and preventing high current from starting. When the belt conveyor is stuck or overloaded, the coupler can also carry out overload protection to prevent damage to the motor and reducer. 4. Why can't the belt conveyor stop with load?    This is because if the belt conveyor stops with load, it will make it difficult to restart the motor, even burn out the motor, or cause large fluctuations in the power system. Furthermore, the normal operation of the system is affected. Therefore, in the operation of the belt conveyor, this phenomenon should be avoided, and it should not be careless and careless.
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