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Which parts of the screw conveyor need to be lubricated

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-04
2012-04-06 08:24:53 Which parts of the screw loading conveyor need to be lubricated, the lubrication of the cycloid reducer: The reducer of the screw loading conveyor mainly adopts grease or oil bath lubrication, and the oil level maintains the oil mark position That is, the lubricant grade is EP150# mechanical oil, or the reducer special grease grade is 0# or 00#. 40#~50# mechanical oil can be used instead. The reducer has no organic oil stored in the factory after trial run, and the user can drive only after refueling. After 36 hours of refueling operation, new oil should be changed and the interior should be cleaned. The oil should be changed every six months after work. The bearing oil of the frame is lubricated with grease, and it should be changed at least once a year. Lubrication of gear reducer: The reducer is lubricated by splashing oil pool. The meshing gears and bearings should be checked at any time. The oil level is measured by a rod-shaped oil level indicator, and the oil level high and low marks are engraved on the benchmark. When the reducer is running When stopping, pull out the mark and judge the oil level with the traces of oil on the mark. The position indicated by the oil mark should be checked at any time. The lubricant grade is 40#~50# mechanical oil. After the trial run, there is no organic oil stored in the factory, and the user can drive only after refueling. No-load test must be carried out before actual application. After the test run inspection proves that the work is normal, 100-120 hours of test run under load is allowed. During the test run, the load should be gradually increased from small to large; the reducer must be regularly checked for oil The quality of the oil, that is, the degree of decomposition and gelatinization of the oil. When replacing the lubricating oil, use gasoline or kerosene to clean the inside of the body. Rolling bearings basically rely on an appropriate amount of calcium-sodium grease for lubrication. Lubricate the machine head and machine seat bearings every 30 days of work.
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