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What types of conveyor rollers are there? how to distinguish

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-07

Roller conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, strong reliability, convenient use and maintenance, large conveying capacity, fast speed, and can realize collinear diversion and so on. At present, it is mainly used to transport all kinds of luggage, pallets and other pieces of goods. Bulk materials, small items and irregular items need to be transported on the pallet. The roller is the main component of the roller loading conveyor. Different roller types can make the roller conveyor apply to different industries. So how many types of rollers are there on the market?

Divided by drive mode

(1) External drive type means that the drive device is placed outside the drive drum, and the reducer is directly connected to the The drive roller shaft is connected. (News recommendation: What are the roller materials and diameters of the roller conveyor?)

(2) The internal drive type means that all the driving devices are placed in the transmission roller. This method is also called electric drum.

According to the size of the bearing bore

(1) Lightweight
The hole diameter is 50~100mm; the structure of the light-duty drum is that the shaft and the hub use an interference fit (or a single key), the spoke plate and the cylinder are welded, and the hub and the shaft are connected by a key to drive the drum. .

(2) The diameter of the medium-sized roller is 120~180mm; the structure of the medium-sized roller is that the shaft and the hub are connected by an expansion sleeve, and the spoke plate is welded to the cylinder body.

(3) Heavy Duty
The hole diameter is 200~220mm; the structure of the heavy-duty roller is that the shaft and the hub are connected by an expansion sleeve. The roller of this structure is a part of the cylinder, the spoke plate and the hub are cast into one. into, that is, cast welding drum.

(4)Engineering grade roller
Engineering grade rollers are specially designed rollers to meet special load conditions. Due to their high strength and low elongation, high tension conveyor belts make these rollers much higher than the rollers using ordinary fabric core conveyor belts.

Divided by shape

(1) The drum-shaped drum is rolled and welded with steel plates, and the diameter of the middle part of the drum is about a few millimeters larger than the two sides , The purpose is to prevent the conveyor belt from deviating, but the processing technology is complicated, so it is rarely used. (News recommendation: The friction between the belt drive roller and the conveyor belt)

(2) The vane roller roller is composed of many transverse vanes, the purpose of which is to facilitate the cleaning of the conveyor belt , such rollers are also called self-cleaning rollers. If the blade is changed to a cylindrical rod, which is called a rod drum, it can also play a self-cleaning role.

(3)Groove rubber surface roller
The rubber surface of the roller is diamond-shaped, herringbone-shaped, straight-line, ring-shaped, and trapezoidal, which are called diamond-shaped protective surface, herringbone-shaped protective surface and other protective surface rollers respectively. The purpose is to increase the friction coefficient and Easy to discharge sticky material. The rubber surface of the drive roller is often rhombus and herringbone.

Special rollers

(1) Vacuum rollers

In order to increase the friction between the conveyor belt and the rollers, the A vacuum pump or an external vacuum pump is installed to make a vacuum between the loading conveyor belt and the wrapping angle of the drum and increase the frictional force. However, due to the complex structure, the vacuum drum has not been popularized.

(2) Magnetic rollers

The rollers are equipped with magnets. Increase friction. When using an ordinary conveyor belt, the magnetic drum becomes a de-ironing drum.

(3) Tire drum

The outside of the drum is composed of many pneumatic tires with grooves on the tire surface. When the inflation pressure of various tires is different, it also acts as a drum roller.

(4) Ceramic drum

The drum cover is inlaid with many ceramic sheets, which can increase friction on the one hand, and increase friction on the other hand. Easy to clean. The ceramic sheet can also be made into a plug-in type for easy replacement. The main advantage of drum lagging is that the surface friction coefficient is large, and the lagging is to use a cold-bonded or vulcanized layer of rubber on the surface of the drum. According to its surface shape, the rubber-coated roller can be divided into: smooth-bread rubber roller, herringbone groove rubber-coated roller and diamond-shaped rubber-coated roller.

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