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What is the mesh belt and belt conveyor line?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-22
A very commonly used conveying mechanism in mechanical design, similar to: belt conveying, sprocket conveying, plate chain conveying, unpowered roller conveying, etc...

Common structure of mesh belt loading conveyor line: frequency conversion Motors, reducers, driving shafts, transmission shafts, driving wheels, transmission wheels, deep groove ball bearings, mesh belts, support shafts, outriggers, guardrails, guardrail support frames, beams, adjusting seats, etc.
Mesh belts generally rely on power Frequency conversion motor, the bandwidth is determined according to the volume of the loaded material, and the motor power and reduction ratio are determined according to the required conveying speed, material volume, and outer diameter of the tooth top circle of the driving gear. Generally, the friction force of mesh belt transmission can be ignored, and the reduction ratio iu003d Input speed/output speedu003d(π*wheel diameter*60)/[(material length+interval between material and material)*V], select a value slightly larger than the value.

The main body of the mesh belt conveyor chain is generally a bent plate or a straight plate of about 3mm on both sides, and the middle is fixed with a support rod and a support shaft. If it is lengthened, a piece of sheet metal can be fixed at the joint of the sheet metal, and the interval is about 500-800mm. The guardrail support can be installed, just need to make threaded holes in the corresponding positions of the sheet metal on both sides. The guardrail can be directly locked with the new standard guardrail. It is worth mentioning that a bending support sheet needs to be added in the middle of the mesh belt. Metal is used to ensure the overall strength. Both sides can be closed by transition sheet metal or a transition drive chain can be installed. The drive shaft is connected to the motor. The mesh belt is generally light-loaded, and the shaft diameter does not need to be too thick. Groove ball bearing, two driving wheels are fixed on the shaft, the driving wheel needs to open a keyway, when fixing, open a groove at the corresponding position of the driving shaft, and use elastic retaining rings to lock the shaft on both sides of the driving wheel

Driven part: Like the driving shaft, grooves are also made on both sides of the driven shaft wheel on the driven shaft, and the elastic retaining ring is used to fix the driven wheel. The driven wheel needs to be processed to put 2~4 deep groove ball bearings. , as shown in the figure, both ends of the driven shaft need to be installed with adjustment seats to adjust the tension of the mesh belt

The common structure of belt loading conveyor lines: frequency conversion motor, reducer, driving shaft, driven shaft, Unpowered rollers, deep groove ball bearings, belts, pallets, outriggers, guardrails, guardrail support frames, beams, adjusting seats, sprockets, bearing seats, etc.

Compared with the mesh belt loading conveyor line, the friction between the belt and the drum is greater, and the structure is similar to the previous mesh belt conveyor line. Add a pallet in the middle.

Compared with the mesh belt, the belt is easy to deviate, the treatment method: make a convex or concave structure, the drum is knurled, the rubber is covered, and the sides of the drum are made of sidewalls, etc.

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