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What are the design concepts of the carbon steel roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-13
The carbon steel roller conveyor adopts a structure in which the shaft is fixed on the outer support of the carbon steel roller. During transmission, only the cylinder and the bearing rotate, forming a transmission system that separates the main force and the transmission components. The design concept is to reduce the overall running resistance. In the design of the shaft, the oil injection hole is set at the shaft end, and the lubricating oil is injected through the internal passage of the shaft body. The outer side of the shaft and the seamless steel tube sleeve are added. The two ends of the sleeve are welded with the cast welding plate through the coupling disc to form the bearing, shaft and The seal is an integral sealing system. Carbon steel roller conveyor design features:   1. The structure of the carbon steel roller conveyor solves the problem of dislocation of the shaft end and the bearing when assembling the large carbon steel roller, causing the shaft step and the inner ring of the bearing to scratch and cause noise. Service life, wasted man-hours and other issues. The shaft sleeve assembly can be used for better alignment and easy installation. 2. The radial clearance between the shaft sleeve and the shaft of the carbon steel roller conveyor is 0.5-1mm; oil is injected from the oil cup at the shaft end, so that the lubricating oil can fill the gap between the shaft sleeve and the shaft, and the absorption oil film can be formed between the shaft and the shaft sleeve. Replenish the lubricating oil in the bearing and the sealed cavity at any time. After testing, the overall rotation resistance of the new carbon steel drum is lower than that of the ordinary carbon steel drum by about 40%. 3. The shaft sleeve of the carbon steel roller loading conveyor has been treated with corrosion resistance, so that the inner wall of the drum skin is isolated from the entire transmission system due to aging and external erosion and other impurities such as oxides, which greatly extend the transmission of shafts and bearings. The life of the parts improves the sealing performance of the carbon steel drum. 4. The connecting plate of the carbon steel roller conveyor adopts a cast-welded structure, and the connecting plate and the barrel are welded with a 'U-shaped weld. In order to ensure the adhesion strength of the cast glue, the metal surface turning process of the barrel is rationally designed after testing to ensure its skills requirement.
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