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Treatment method for material outflow of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-06
2015-01-30 11:01:04 Compared with the overall flow silo, the funnel flow of    screw conveyor has many advantages: it avoids channeling, unstable flow and overflow of powder materials; eliminates The non-flowing area in the silo forms a first-in-first-out material, that is, the materials in the advanced silo flow out first. There is basically no crossover between different material batches and layers at different heights, which minimizes the storage period The problem of deterioration, agglomeration or segregation; the density of the granular material is constant when unloading, so the volumetric feeding device can be used to control the material. At the same time, the function of the metering screw conveyor and the air permeability of the material are improved. And the degree of compaction will be uniform, and the boundary of the flow can be predicted, so the static flow conditions can be used for analysis. When the material in the silo of the screw loading conveyor is discharged, only the material flow is formed in the central part of the silo, while the material flow in other areas is stagnant or unstable, and the flow area is in the shape of a funnel. This flow form is called a funnel. flow. The funnel flow of the screw conveyor will cause material segregation or sudden surging out, material loose density changes, material agglomeration due to long-term storage, and 'first-in-last-out' when the material is added first and then flows out. In addition, the hopper flow of the screw conveyor is the partial flow of the material in the silo, which actually reduces the effective volume of the silo, and easily causes the unstable flow of materials such as collapse and arching, which makes operation control difficult. For many occasions where the screw conveyor stores materials that will not deteriorate or agglomerate, and the discharge port is large enough to prevent perforation or bridging, the hopper flow silo can fully meet the storage requirements.   For the entire powder layer in the screw loading conveyor bin, it is hoped that the powder material can flow down evenly like a liquid. This flow form becomes a whole flow, and the material is discharged from the outlet cross-sectional area. In the cell flow, the flow channel of the screw conveyor is consistent with the hopper wall or the silo wall. All materials are in a flowing state and slide against the shrinking hopper wall and the vertical part of the silo wall. This kind of flow occurs in the smooth and steep silo hopper. If the material surface is higher than a certain critical distance above the turning point of the cylinder and the hopper, the material in the vertical part of the silo will move downward uniformly in the form of a plug flow. . If the material level drops below this height, the material at the center of the channel will flow faster than the material at the silo wall. The height of this critical material level cannot be accurately determined, but it is obviously a function of the internal friction angle of the material, the friction of the material wall and the hopper inclination, which is approximate for many materials. In the overall flow of the screw conveyor, the stress generated by the flow acts on the entire hopper and the vertical part of the silo wall surface.
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