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The function and anti-clogging measures of screw conveyor in metallurgical industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-26

The advancement of conveying equipment has greatly increased the efficiency of metallurgy. The metallurgical screw conveyor, also known as the screw auger, is the most widely used conveying equipment in the mining industry. The metallurgical screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying powdery, granular and small block materials, such as coal powder, soda ash, reclaimed rubber powder, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate and small lump coal, etc. And easy to agglomerate materials, single-axis metallurgical industry screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal or inclined conveying powder, granular and small block materials.

Material temperature is less than 200 ℃, metallurgical industry screw loading conveyor is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal, coal, grain and other industries.

Characteristics of screw conveyors in metallurgical industry

1. The design of the structure of screw conveyors in metallurgical industry ensures the flow of processed materials without clogging; There is a drainage function during the working process.

2. The design, manufacture and installation of screw conveyors in metallurgical industry should ensure that they meet the buyer's requirements, have a high degree of work reliability and as little maintenance workload as possible, so as to facilitate inspection and maintenance during use.

3. The helical blade of the screw conveyor in the metallurgical industry is made of stainless steel by casting through a special mold, so it has sufficient strength and rigidity, and the blade surface is smooth and free of burrs, and has a suitable rotation speed. It can effectively ensure that no pollution will occur in the process of conveying screen slag.

4. Driving device: The driving device is placed at one end of the screw conveyor in the metallurgical industry. It adopts the form of direct connection between the motor reducer and the screw drive shaft, without the need for couplings. It is easy to disassemble and maintain, and the drive shaft can withstand bending. The load acting simultaneously with the distance and the axial extrusion force.

The driving device (motor and reducer) adopts the thyristor half-wave device for the metallurgical industry screw conveyor: the metallurgical industry screw conveyor has no rotating parts with rotational inertia, and can stop and start immediately, especially suitable for Yu Zuo's quantitative batching work. The application of metallurgical screw conveyors in foundry workshops does not exclude other vibrating machinery, but complements each other under certain conditions, but has a tendency to replace in many aspects.

Main measures to prevent blockage of screw conveyors in metallurgical industry

1. Reasonable selection of the technical parameters of the metallurgical screw loading conveyor, such as the slow speed of the metallurgical screw conveyor speed should not be too large.

2. Strictly implement the operating procedures to achieve no-load starting and no-load parking; ensure continuous and uniform feeding.

3. Increase the discharge port or lengthen the end of the trough to solve the problem of poor or too late discharge. At the same time, a small section of counter-rotating vanes can also be installed at the end of the material trough at the discharge port to prevent material blocking at the end.

4. Necessary cleaning of the materials entering the loading conveyor to prevent large or fibrous impurities from entering the machine and causing blockage.

5. Minimize the lateral dimension of the intermediate suspension bearing as much as possible to reduce the possibility of material blocking when passing through the intermediate bearing.

6. Install silo level sensor and clogging sensor to realize automatic control and alarm.

7. An anti-blocking valve is set on the discharge end cover. When a blockage occurs, due to the accumulation of materials, the anti-blocking door is opened, and the power supply is cut off through the travel switch at the same time.

Metallurgical screw conveyors are widely used in chemical, building materials, metallurgy, grain and other departments. Under the condition of inclination, they can convey powder, granular and Small pieces of material.

Structural dimension of screw conveyor in metallurgical industry

The material trough of screw conveyor in metallurgical industry is mostly made of stainless steel plate with a thickness of 3-8mm, and angle steel is welded at each interface around the slot. , to increase rigidity. The trough is equipped with a conveying screw, the bottom of the trough is semi-circular, and the top of the trough is flat and has an upper cover. The gap between the trough and the outer circle of the spiral blade is generally 6 to 10 mm. When designing or selecting a screw conveyor in the metallurgical industry, it is necessary to first determine its original conditions, such as conveying capacity, material properties (such as bulk density, temperature, humidity, viscosity, abrasiveness, etc.), working environment (such as open air or Indoor, dry or humid, dust, ambient temperature, etc.) and conveyor arrangement, etc.

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