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The development trend of mobile conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-26
With the development and needs of modernization of coal mines, our country has carried out theories on mobile conveyors, high-efficiency and high-yield working faces along the trough, telescopic belt conveyors and long distances, large-capacity belt conveyors and their key technologies and key components. Research and product development, application of dynamic analysis technology and intelligent control technology, successfully developed soft start and brake device and electronic control device with PLC control as the core, and the underground high-power explosion-proof inverter has also entered the stage of research and development and trial production. With the development of high-efficiency and high-yield mines, various technical indicators of belt conveyors have developed greatly. Mainly manifested in the following aspects: (1) Improve the performance and safety and reliability of the key parts of the coal mine belt loading conveyor; the operating rate of the equipment mainly depends on the performance and reliability of the transportation parts. Improving the performance and reliability of parts and components can greatly increase the operating rate of the equipment. (2) Improve the transportation capacity to meet the needs of high-yield and efficient intensive production; long transportation distance, high speed, large transportation volume, high power, centralized control is belt type The inevitable trend of the future development of conveyors. (3) The control automation level of the mobile conveyor should be improved; (4) One machine has multiple functions and expands the function; the belt conveyor is an ideal continuous transportation equipment, but it cannot give full play to its capacity and waste resources. If the conveyor structure is properly modified and certain safety measures are taken, the work area can be expanded and greater economic benefits can be brought into play. Through the great performance of the above belt conveyors, the new models in the future should have the following characteristics: (1) Large capacity and high speed. That means high productivity, reducing production costs per unit time. (2) Long service life. The wear of the belt and the roller is the main reason that limits the life of the conveyor, reducing the coefficient of friction between the belt and the roller, increasing the wear resistance of the belt, and improving the performance of the roller, which can greatly increase the service life of the conveyor. . (3) Low production cost. In ordinary mobile conveyors, the cost of roller manufacturing accounts for 17% to 25% of the entire belt conveyor, and there are too many moving parts, and the maintenance costs are expensive. The use of no roller support or non-contact support is the most important way to reduce the cost of the belt conveyor. Useful ways. (4) Low energy consumption. About 80% of the energy of the belt conveyor is consumed in friction loss. The most effective way to reduce friction loss is to use a non-contact belt conveyor (such as a water cushion belt loading conveyor), which requires only the motor power of ordinary belts. 20% of the conveyor. (5) Intelligent. The future mobile conveyor model should be closely connected with the computer, suitable for program control, intelligent operation, material loading and unloading, machine installation and maintenance should be able to achieve intelligent management. It is foreseeable that the development trend of belt conveyors is from contact belt conveyors to non-contact belt conveyors. The final development trend is to adopt the most primitive belt conveyor structure, that is, the belt is used to slide in the groove. The tape non-contact support saves a lot of metal, greatly reduces the tape movement resistance and energy consumption, and is easy to maintain. With the emergence of new materials, especially nanomaterials in recent years, it is reasonable to believe that the friction coefficient between the tape and the chute and the wear resistance of the tape can be greatly improved. The structure of the tape sliding in the chute is the simplest and the moving parts are the fewest, so it is more suitable for intelligent management, and the production cost is greatly reduced.
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