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The development of mesh belt conveyor control system

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-20
With the renewal and development of the conveyor equipment structure, the mesh belt conveyor control system is also developing from time to time. Let me talk about the mesh belt conveyor control system: As more and more conveyor equipment are used in various industries, the mesh belt conveyor is used before In the past, because the frequency converter was expensive in the past, the multi-point decentralized drive of the long-interval horizontal mesh belt conveyor mostly uses the liquid viscous soft starter. The principle of the liquid viscous device is as follows: the hydraulic system proportional valve coil current controls the size of the oil pressure → oil film thickness → output torque → motor power. The following analysis takes a horizontal three-point distributed drive as an example. The drive form is the power balance adjustment pursued by the multi-point drive of the liquid viscous soft start device. The mesh belt conveyor electrical control system uses a drive as the main motor and sets a threshold for the current difference. When the current difference between the motor and the main motor except the main motor exceeds this threshold, the power adjustment is started. Lower the control oil pressure of the liquid viscous device with high output to increase the thickness of the oil film, and vice versa. The oil pressure is controlled by changing the electromagnetic proportional valve of the hydraulic system in the liquid viscous device. The advantages and disadvantages of the mesh belt conveyor adopting the liquid viscosity control system are as follows, and the inherent differences such as the outer diameter of the driving roller at each point, the reduction ratio of the reducer and the rated speed of the motor can be adjusted. In practical applications, there are still many deficiencies in the liquid viscosity control system. For example, the driving drum except the main motor is easily slipping, the driving drum is severely worn, the starting impact is large, the stability is poor, and the long-term low-speed operation is not allowed. These are not only increased The equipment failure rate is reduced, and the service life of the driving roller and the tape is greatly shortened. It is believed that the power balance in the liquid viscosity control system is only suitable for the ideal long-interval multi-point decentralized drive mesh belt conveyor with average and continuous materials and uncomplicated topography and working conditions. Following the development of mesh belt conveyors from time to time and summarizing the practical experience, in recent years with the progress of the cost-effectiveness of frequency converters, the control system using frequency converters has begun to be widely used in long-interval multi-point distributed drive mesh belt conveyors. The mesh belt conveying performance can achieve many excellent functions such as slow start, slow parking, heavy load and low damage start and low speed belt inspection. Inverters generally have speed control and torque control functions, and they can perform correct speed closed-loop control through encoder feedback. For multi-point remote-interval decentralized drive using inverter, speed master-slave control is adopted, that is, the head drive is selected as the main drive, the speed setting is sent to the head drive, and the real-time speed of the head drive is read and sent to the middle drive And the tail drive is set as the speed, or the real-time speed of the middle drive is read and sent to the tail drive. In the early stage of commissioning, if the rated speed of the motor, the reduction ratio of the reducer, the outer diameter of the driving roller, and the starting sequence and time control are not correct, the loading conveyor belt will have low tension accumulation or streamers in a certain section. After finding the right ratio, the above problems will still arise during the temporary operation of the equipment due to the different wear levels of the drive rollers. The mesh belt conveyor is constantly updated in the development, and the experience and problems are summarized in the production. The company will follow the trend of the times, combine the actual application, provide a more comprehensive program, and manufacture products that are more suitable for the production of our customers.
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