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Talk about the daily maintenance and maintenance of electric roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-12

YiFan roller loading conveyor manufacturers talk about the daily maintenance and maintenance of electric roller conveyors:

1. start

Routinely check the surrounding environment, tightening bolts, oil seepage, and the integrity of cables beforehand.


2. Every time you start, you should start with jog, and after 10 minutes of operation, check the vibration, noise and various operation of the whole machine.

Temperature rise of components.

3. The electric roller loading conveyor produced by our company has good sealing performance and generally does not leak oil

If there is leakage, please pay attention to two parts: one is the oil seal of the wearing parts, whether there is wear or deformation, and the wear and tear

If the amount is not large, the leakage can be solved by tightening the spring ring at the lip of the oil seal. If invalid or deformed. should promptly

Replace the skeleton oil seal; the second is that the air outlet should not be blocked, and the deposited dust, oil and debris should be clear. Make sure the passage is clear.

4. Pay attention to changing the lubricating oil. The first oil change time is 10 days, the second time is one month, and the oil is changed every three months after that.

For the parts that are filled with grease, such as the motor bearings used in external roller conveyors, they should be filled frequently, usually every month.

Refill once and change new oil every six months.

5. Backstop for high-speed shaft of external roller loading conveyor, one is designed by our factory

The new patented product of centrifugal ratchet pawl backstop, in normal work, no noise, no temperature rise, no need to refuel

Lubrication and good backstop effect. The other is the traditional roller type backstop, which is generally composed of the lubricating oil inside the cylinder through the built-in channel.

Road, the flow cylinder backstop is cooled and lubricated. In order to prevent insufficient oil supply, a pressure oil cup is installed on the top of the backstop.

When the temperature rises quickly, an appropriate amount of oil should be pressed into the oil cup for supplementation. The number of oil injections should not be too many, three to four times a month.

Appropriately, each injection should not exceed 150 grams. The backstop should play a backstop function, otherwise the backstop will be damaged.

If you have any questions after reading the above, please call our hotline and sincerely serve you

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