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Structural improvement of belt conveyor roller

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-05
The roller is not only the main transmission part of the belt loading conveyor but also the vulnerable part. Especially in the messy and harsh working conditions, how to improve the structure, improve the work efficiency, and extend the service life has always been the subject of Ru0026D personnel. In the planning of the belt conveyor, a structure in which the shaft is fixed on the outer support of the drum is selected, and only the cylinder and the bearing rotate during transmission, forming a transmission system that separates the main force and the transmission components. Reduced the overall running resistance. In the planning of the shaft, the oil injection hole is set at the shaft end, and the lubricating oil is injected through the internal passage of the shaft body. The outside of the shaft is added with a seamless steel pipe sleeve. The parts are an integrated sealing system. Structural improvement of belt loading conveyor roller 1. The structure has well dealt with problems such as the misalignment of the shaft end and the bearing when the large roller is assembled, which causes the shaft step and the inner ring of the bearing to be scratched, which affects the service life of the parts, and the device wastes working hours. The shaft sleeve assembly can be used for better alignment, and the device is convenient. 2. The radial gap between the shaft sleeve and the shaft is 0.5-1mm. Oil is injected from the oil cup at the end of the shaft so that the lubricating oil can fill the gap between the shaft sleeve and the shaft. An adsorbed oil film can be formed between the shaft and the shaft sleeve to replenish the bearing and seal at any time. Lubricating oil in the cavity. After testing, the overall rotation resistance of the new drum is reduced by about 40% compared with the general drum. 3. The shaft sleeve has been treated with corrosion resistance, so that the inner wall of the barrel skin is blocked from the entire transmission system due to aging and external corrosion, such as oxides and other impurities, which greatly extends the life of transmission parts such as shafts and bearings. Improved the tightness of the drum. 4. The connecting plate adopts a cast-welded structure, and the connecting plate and the barrel are welded with a 'U'-shaped weld. In order to ensure the adhesion strength of the cast glue, the metal surface turning process thread of the barrel is reasonably planned through experiments to ensure its technical requirements.
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