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Structural analysis of combined belt conveyor with innovative structure

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-24
In the belt conveyor equipment, its structure mainly includes the frame, the prime mover, the driving roller, the driven roller, the supporting roller, and the conveyor belt. Transport from one end to the other. This kind of conveyor has a fixed length and cannot be adjusted. Most of the conveyors are fixed and difficult to move. Although several units can be used in combination at long distances, it is not easy to change the combination, and each unit needs to be connected to a power source. It is very inconvenient to use when the working surface is large and the location of the loading or loading location needs to be changed frequently. transmission unit view In order to solve the above problems, a combined belt conveyor that can use a single power and can easily change the conveying distance and direction can be realized. Its specific technical implementation is: the combined belt conveyor mainly includes: non-slip conveyor belt, The driving roller, driven roller, and idler rollers also have power and conveying units. The power unit is equipped with a seat frame. The transmission pair driven by the prime mover is output to the universal joint and the female connector; it also includes the connecting power and conveying unit. The connecting shaft is equipped with a reducer between the power machine and the transmission pair to adjust the speed. The conveying unit includes a frame, and one end of the frame is equipped with a driving roller, one end is a driven roller, and there is a supporting roller in the middle, and the conveying belt is wound outside the roller. When the site is large and the transmission distance is long and the power is insufficient, several conveying units can be used, the number of which depends on the site and distance. The conveying units are connected by connecting pins, and the main power is provided by the power unit and transmitted to the driving roller of each unit in turn by the transmission shaft of each conveying unit. There is a male connector and an input universal joint at one end of the rotatable transmission shaft on the frame. When the power unit is connected in series with the required number of conveying units, the prime mover will drive the transmission shaft to drive each driving roller to rotate to make the conveying belt movement. Due to the long connecting hole, each conveying unit can adjust the elevation angle and the plane rotation angle, and only one power is used, and the connection between the units is also very convenient. The combined power can form a whole, and the speed can be adjusted to a single Therefore, it can meet the requirements of different working conditions such as site changes, transportation distances, and location changes. View of the belt conveyor power unit The combined belt conveyor with the above innovative structure is very convenient to operate. There is no need to connect multiple wires or multiple power sources, and the combined power can be transmitted. You can simply adjust the speed and change the elevation angle, depression angle and plane rotation angle of the conveyor according to your needs, so as to adapt to the needs of the terrain, and the connected conveying units can ensure a firm connection and no misalignment, which meets the requirements in a true sense. The needs of the job occasion.
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