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Several types of launches introduced by belt conveyor manufacturers to speed up the control curve

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-09
The following are several starting acceleration control curves introduced by belt loading conveyor manufacturers: 1. Calculation of starting acceleration The starting acceleration of the belt conveyor mainly considers the force of the transmission roller during starting, and the characteristics of its operation. The calculation of this parameter has a mathematical function relationship with the motor's generating force, work resistance, and starting acceleration. The result of superposition is the total displacement quality of the belt loading conveyor. After calculation, the starting speed of the motor can be obtained. Then obtain a launch coefficient Ka, and use this to guide the launch modulation of practice. After research and imitation, when the time and minutes of soft start are adopted, the acceleration curve can be manipulated, and the Ka is smaller than the traditional start form. 2. Acceleration control curve. In the study of launch characteristics, the goal of the research is to find a controllable belt conveyor launch acceleration curve, and use this as a basis to complete a smooth launch, and at the same time achieve the maximum acceleration during the entire launch process. The minimization of the value ensures the smoothness of the speed output, without sudden sudden changes, and completes the impact drop to the maximum limit of the launch, so as to balance the influence of inertia and impact on the motor and equipment. After a reasonable selection of the acceleration curve, the acceleration influence value of the belt conveyor and the intention of launching the least impact are reached. Commonly used research curves are: trapezoidal acceleration control curve; triangle acceleration control curve; sine acceleration control curve; parabolic acceleration control curve. The study was conducted with T as the starting time and V0 as the extra belt speed. It was found that the trapezoidal acceleration control curve had the smallest am; the parabolic acceleration control curve and the sinusoidal acceleration control curve had the middle am; and the triangular acceleration control curve. am the largest. Because the speed of launching of traditional equipment is uncontrollable, the speed of launching process is very large, and the impact of launching is also great. The acceleration of the soft-starting equipment is controllable, and the rate of change of the acceleration is small.
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