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Roller conveyor is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-29
Roller conveyor is suitable for all kinds of boxes, bags, trays and other pieces of cargo transport, bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be placed on pallets or turnover box. Can carry for a lot of material, or bear greater impact load, easy to cohesion between filtering drum line, can use multi wire roller and other conveyor or plane composition complex logistics delivery system, to complete the various technological needs. Product can be used to put the accumulation of material conveying roller implementation. Roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance. Roller conveyor is suitable for the bottom is flat goods transport, mainly composed of drive roller, frame, support, drive and other components. Has big throughput, speed, running fast, can realize many varieties collinear shunt transmission characteristics. Roller conveyor structure: according to the drive mode can be divided into dynamic drum line and line of the unpowered roller, according to the layout can be divided into horizontal transportation drum line, inclined transportation drum line and turning drum line. Also can according to customer request special design, in order to meet the requirements of various customers. 1, the roller conveyor with and without power and power drive two big kinds, including driving is divided into single article transmission, double chain ring set three types of special driving device and the side. Article 2, power roller conveyor line in single transmission structure of single drive transmission distance of 10 meters, longest double chain ring set is the single drive the maximum transmission distance is 16 meters, the two kinds of driving way can be used to roller conveyor line extension continuously, combination distance conveyor line growth. Top surface height is higher than 3, conveying the roller edge can conveyor width is greater than the conveyor width of artifacts, but push process need pay attention to human; Top surface height less than 4, conveying the roller edge is suitable for conveying width less than the artifacts of conveyor width, artifacts within the scope of the effective width of the conveyor line along the straight line body. 5, transmission line can arrangement spacing is the principle of the workpiece on the transmission line running smoothly, commonly used roller spacing is 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm, also can choose any other spacing ( But the need is greater than the drum diameter) 。 Ring set of chain drive way requires computing ring a multiple set of chain pitch. 6, transportation drum line integral frame structure according to the load and use of the situation can be divided into carbon steel ( Surface coating or paint) , stainless steel, aluminum alloy profiles.
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