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Research on the Wear Mechanism of Belt Conveyor Roller Rubber Cover

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-09
The roller in the belt conveyor is an indispensable basic component of the conveyor. Roller failure will directly cause the entire conveyor line to stop, which will have a great impact on normal production and will also bring heavy maintenance workload. Severe wear of the roller cover is the main cause of roller failure. Therefore, reducing the wear of the roller encapsulation has become an important task for the optimization and management of conveying equipment. At present, there is very little research on the modeling of roller lagging wear in our country. Therefore, research in this field will reduce the impact of lagging wear on production, reduce maintenance costs and workload, save resources, and optimize transportation equipment management. It has great practical and theoretical significance. 1. The main factors for the wear of the roller cover The roller cover is a rubber product, and its organizational structure is a microscopic layered structure. Through the observation and research on the wear of the encapsulation on site, it is found that the wear is manifested by the two processes of periodic micro-tongue tearing on the surface and the tongue breaking under the action of stretching. These two processes are If it occurs in a large area, there will be macroscopic wear, which is a typical abrasive wear. By analyzing the reasons for the wear of the roller lagging under different working conditions, it can be seen that when the positive pressure of the contact surface between the roller lagging and the conveyor belt is large, and the environment where the roller is located, there is more coal dust, the lagging wear is more serious, and the roller replacement frequently. The statistical results are shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Statistics on the causes of roller lagging wear Based on statistical data, combined with the actual situation of roller wear and the knowledge of rubber abrasion, the main factors of roller lagging wear are attributed to: the positive pressure between the roller lagging and the conveyor belt, which is full of The abrasion medium between the conveyor belt and the rubber cover-coal dust particles, and the elastic friction between the conveyor belt and the roller cover when the tension changes. 2. The wear mechanism of the roller encapsulation Wear refers to the phenomenon of material shedding due to mechanical and (or) chemical action when the surface of the friction pair is in relative motion. The main reason for the wear of the roller cover is also the relative movement between the cover and the contact medium under a relatively large positive pressure. In this way, there are three important influencing factors in the study of roller encapsulation wear. (1) The contact medium of the encapsulation. When the belt conveyor is specially used to transport coal, there are a large amount of coal particles between the conveyor belt and the drum. Through a large number of field observations and studies, it is found that in terms of distribution range and thickness, these particles can be basically considered to be evenly distributed on the conveyor belt and drum. (2) The positive pressure on the encapsulation layer. This pressure is mainly from the tension of the conveyor belt. To ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, it is necessary to apply appropriate tension on the conveyor belt to ensure that the conveyor belt does not slip during start, stop and operation. (3) The relative movement between the encapsulation and the contact medium. This kind of relative movement can be divided into two types: one is that at the moment when the belt conveyor starts and stops, there will be instantaneous relative movement between the roller cover and the conveyor belt. This relative movement exists for a short time and is intermittent. The other is that in the operation of the belt conveyor, due to the friction torque between the loading conveyor belt and the drum encapsulation, the tension on the conveyor belts on both sides of the drum is not equal, as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 The tension on the roller shows that the conveyor belt, as a rubber product, changes in length when the tension changes. When the belt conveyor is running, the length of the conveyor belt will change continuously during the period from contact to the roller to the time it leaves the roller. In addition to the speed of the roller, there is elastic sliding between the conveyor belt and the rubber covering. It will happen all the time during normal operation of the belt conveyor, which is the main reason for the relative movement between the rubber coating of the roller and the contacting medium.
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