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Requirements of belt conveyor belt material restart

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-11
When the belt loading conveyor stops with material for some reason, it is a heavy load start when it restarts. The inverter is required to be able to start the belt conveyor with heavy load. The following mechanical editor will sum up with you the requirements of belt conveyor belt material restart. The drag torque caused by the downward pulling force of the material on the belt is constant. However, the static friction force is much larger than the dynamic friction force, which makes the initial starting torque to overcome the static friction force much larger than the resistance torque caused by the dynamic friction force during normal operation. When the belt conveyor starts with heavy load with material, the torque output by the motor must overcome the resistance torque caused by the static friction between each support roller and the roller shaft under the belt, and also overcome the downward movement of the material on the belt. The drag torque caused by the pulling force. Moreover, during the entire starting process, it takes a certain amount of time to make all the rollers rotate and the torque begins to decrease. Only when a certain speed is reached and the lubrication is improved, the torque fluctuation will be reduced. The inverter must have the function of low speed and high starting torque. In the actual start-up process, due to the elasticity of the belt, each roller rotates one by one in sequence, and does not rotate at the same time. Even if the roller rotates, due to the low speed, the lubrication between the roller and the roller shaft is not good, and the dynamic friction force is unstable, so the torque at low speed start has certain fluctuations. Therefore, this large low-speed starting torque needs to be maintained for a certain period of time, generally at least a few seconds. It is related to the length of the belt, the minimum speed at start-up, and the elasticity of the belt. In addition, due to the low speed when starting, the torque and speed will fluctuate relatively greatly.
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