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Requirements for choosing screw conveyors in the food industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-19
2014-12-03 10:11:59 The screw conveyors used in the food industry are usually processed with stainless steel material and made into tubular screw conveyors and U-shaped screw conveyors. There are also 316 materials, which can effectively prevent the food being transported from being contaminated. The main reason is that the food industry has stricter requirements and must meet the national hygiene standards. Nowadays, due to the streamlined production operations of large, medium and small enterprises in China, while the development of enterprise productivity continues to increase investment, it will also face the food conveyor equipment required for production and transportation in various production industries. The design and development, material and performance of the conveyor have higher requirements, and the screw loading conveyor can well meet the requirements of users for material transportation.   Screw conveyor is a continuous conveying machine without flexible traction parts. It is mainly used for conveying all kinds of dry and loose powdery, granular and small block materials. For example, the transportation of coal powder, flour, cement, grain, small coal, pebbles, etc. In the transportation process, the materials can also be stirred, mixed, heated and cooled. However, it is not suitable to transport materials that are perishable, viscous, agglomerated and bulky.  The spiral blade form is determined according to the nature of the conveyed material. When conveying materials with good scattering properties such as wheat and rice, full-faced blades should be used; when conveying oily materials with high viscosity and easy adhesion, belt blades should be used to prevent clogging. Pay attention to conveying raw grains and rice and other materials. In order to prevent the materials from being broken, screw conveyors are generally not used.
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