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Precautions for the selection of mobile conveyor brackets

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-28
The structure of the mobile conveyor is relatively simple. Below are four wheels, then the overall bracket, and then up are the rollers and belt parts of the conveyor. People in the industry know that the mobile conveyor bracket is also an indispensable supporting object in the conveyor. So, what should we pay attention to in the selection of different parts of the bracket? 1. Roller bracket The roller house is used to install the drive roller and the roller, which bears the tension of the conveyor belt. There are mainly four types according to the purpose, and the height is suitable for the conveyor to ask for 0°~180°. (1) The head drive roller bracket is used for the conveyor of head drive and head unloading, with a bandwidth of 500~1400mm, generally equipped with a reversing roller as a surface increasing wheel, and the enclosing angle of the drive roller is 190°~210° . (2) Rear reversing roller bracket It is used for the conveyor with tensioning device located in the middle. It is suitable for the belt width of 500~1400mm and has a protective cover. Generally, it can be installed as a reversing roller as a surface increasing wheel. (3) Head reversing roller bracket, that is, the probe roller support, used to drive the roller in the middle, and the head roller is only used as a redirection and discharge loading conveyor, suitable for a bandwidth of 800~1400mm. (4) The middle part of the transmission roller bracket is dedicated to the conveyor with a transmission roller in the middle part, suitable for a belt width of 800~1400mm, and can be installed with a transmission roller and a reversing roller as a surface increasing wheel. When used in pairs and installed symmetrically, it can also be used for the central double-roller drive, with a wrap angle greater than or equal to 200 degrees. In addition, in order to meet the use of some special measuring conveyors, there is a modified roller hanger that can be set in the middle, with a suitable bandwidth of 500~1400mm. 2. Intermediate frame and outriggers To ensure the rigidity of the intermediate frame, beams are added to the intermediate frame, so that the intermediate frame itself is formed as a whole, which is designed in two types: 6000mm standard section and 3000~6000mm non-standard section. 3. Tensioning device frame 1. Spiral tensioning device frame is divided into 5 types according to the angle range. It is necessary to select the appropriate screw tensioner bracket according to the inclination angle of the conveyor. 2. Vertical tension device frame The frame is designed according to the total height of 5000mm. When it exceeds this range, the strength and rigidity of the support must be checked. 3. The car-type tensioning device frame has two structures: standard type and with pulley. Among them, the frame type of the cart-type tensioning conveyor device with pulleys is converted to the use of structures around the loading conveyor and the pulleys are used to support the heavy hammer. However, the non-standard vehicle-type tensioning device frame needs to hang the heavy hammer by redirecting pulleys and towers, or used for the winch-type tensioning device.
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