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Mesh belt conveyor transforms and seeks development in the competition

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-21
Mesh belt conveyor is a commonly used conveying equipment in the food industry, electronics industry, food industry, etc. It can not only convey various materials, but also complete various processes of different products during the conveying process, forming a rhythmic assembly line. The mesh belt loading conveyor can also carry out horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and vertical conveying, and is widely used in various modern industrial enterprises. The mesh belt conveyor of China's conveying industry has been in the process of development and transformation and upgrading, and has also made great progress. In the first 10 years, we have gone through a period of focusing on scale expansion and variety expansion. The scale and GDP of our industry have increased, our factories have been expanded, equipment has been renovated, personnel have increased, and productivity has increased. For many types and products, the process of starting from scratch has been completed, and the mesh belt conveyor has changed from ordinary conveying to the process of completing different materials in the process of conveying. During this period, conveying enterprises filled the gaps of many products, and mesh belt conveyors were generally in a state of short supply. However, with the adjustment of the national economic structure, the transportation industry must rethink. Where should the current transformation and upgrading go? We must see that compared with advanced enterprises in developed countries, we are still at the low end of the world industrial chain, and the market share of advanced transportation has not increased. This is mainly because our mesh belt conveyor products lack sufficient market competitiveness, especially in terms of stability and reliability, compared with automatic production machines, mesh belt conveyors and domestic ones in advanced countries. gap. Therefore, mesh belt conveyor enterprises focus more on 'doing a good jobIn the face of the ineffective transformation and upgrading of the transportation industry, there are many reasons. One of them has to do with what we've done in the past. We focus on product development, but not on researching the market or completing industrialization. To be specific, it is to focus on technology, light on craftsmanship, and focus on development and light industrialization. Our products look very good on the surface, very advanced, and advanced functions and performance indicators can be achieved, but it will not take long for users to go wrong. Or the product itself can be used, but the manufacturing cost is high and the market competitiveness is lacking. The conveying equipment industry still has a lot of room for development in China's conveying market. Manufacturers of mesh belt conveyors have been constantly looking for gaps, constantly learning new technologies, and producing products with a high degree of automation, good reliability and flexibility. It is also important to produce mesh belt conveying machinery and equipment with the characteristics of fast production speed and high technical content. At present, it can be clearly seen that the total demand of the transportation market is greatly reduced, while the demand structure is rapidly increasing. The transformation and upgrading of the conveying industry has become an urgent mission, and improving the competitiveness of the mesh belt conveyor has become the top priority of the transformation and upgrading at this stage. Tongjin has also brought greater economic benefits to major enterprises.
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