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Matters needing attention when operating belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-30
Belt conveyor is one of the most commonly used conveying equipment at present. Before operation, check the status of the equipment from time to time, clean up foreign objects between the moving parts, and ensure the normality of the electrical equipment. Turn on the main power switch to check whether the power indicator of the equipment is on. , Close the power switch of each circuit, the equipment does not operate, the operation indicator does not light, the power indicator of the inverter and other equipment is on, and the display panel of the inverter shows normal. Turn on the electrical equipment in turn, and the operator cannot touch the equipment during the transportation of materials. In the moving part, do not touch the electrical components. Do not disconnect the inverter during operation. If maintenance needs to be performed, stop the frequency conversion operation and then perform the operation. After the conveyor stops, press the stop button and the system completely stops before cutting off the main power supply.
How to solve the problem of material spilling on the belt conveyor
Belt conveyors are widely used, and can transport bulk materials as well as cartons and bags with low weight materials. Sometimes, when transporting bulk materials, there may be material scattering problems, which will cause trouble to the enterprise. Under normal circumstances, it is mainly caused by several points, such as material scattering at the transfer point, material scattering when the concave section of the belt is suspended, and material scattering when the belt is slipping. The material spilling at the transfer point is caused by the falling hopper, guide trough, etc., the loading conveyor is overloaded and the guide trough blocking rubber skirt is damaged. The steel plate at the guide trough is designed to be far from the belt and the rubber skirt is relatively long, so that the material is flushed out The guide groove and the concave section of the belt section will cause the belt to hang in the air when the concave section has a small curvature radius. At this time, the belt groove situation will change. In the design stage, a larger concave section curvature radius should be used as much as possible to avoid such situations. happened. In order to shorten the trailing car, the concave section here is designed as a non-arc transition zone. When the belt width is selected with a small margin, it is easier to spread the material. The material spreading when the belt is slipping is due to the height of the two edges of the belt during operation. Change, high side and low side, the material is scattered from the low side, and the slip and deviation of the belt can be adjusted to solve the problem.
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