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Introduction to intelligent installation technology of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-12
With the advancement of modern science and technology, market demands have gradually penetrated into people's daily lives. The chain feeder is an auxiliary equipment in the mechanized storage and transportation system of lime production enterprises. Its main function is to continuously and uniformly feed processed or unprocessed materials from a certain equipment to the receiving equipment or transportation machinery. The middle-removal chain conveyor is a transmission device with standard chain plates as the bearing surface and a motor reducer as power transmission. The chain conveyor is composed of a power unit (motor), a drive shaft, a roller, a tensioning device, a sprocket, a chain, a bearing, a lubricant, a chain plate, etc. The dryer mesh belt is a method that uses static friction. Friction-driven machinery that transports materials in a continuous manner. Using it, the material can be formed on a certain conveying line from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point to form a material conveying process. The basic working principle of the tunnel drying furnace: under the monitoring of the computer system, the bottle The conveying of the conveyor belt sequentially enters the preheating zone, high temperature sterilizing zone and low temperature cooling zone of the tunnel sterilization oven. The conveyor belt speed is steplessly adjustable, and the temperature monitoring system is set to have no paper or paper records. The whole process is always under the protection of one hundred levels of laminar flow. Belt conveyors, also known as belt conveyors, are widely used in household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food and other industries, assembling, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation of objects. Logistics conveyor belt belt with traction parts The conveyor belt generally includes: traction parts, load-bearing members, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirecting devices and supports. The traction parts are used to transmit traction, which can be conveyor belts, traction chains or steel wire ropes; the load-bearing components are used to carry materials, including hoppers, brackets or spreaders, etc.; the driving device powers the conveyor, usually by electric motors, reducers and Brake (stop) and other components; tensioning devices generally have two types of screw type and heavy hammer type, which can maintain a certain tension and sag of the traction member to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt; the support member is used to support the traction member or load As components, rollers, rollers, etc. can be used. For example, in a supermarket cash register, people only need to put the goods on the conveyor belt, and it will be automatically handed over to the cashier. The table has been scanned. In the production of food and beverages, there is no shortage of such conveying machinery and equipment. Belt conveyor equipment can not only transport materials alone, but other transportation equipment can form a complex logistics transportation system to transport materials. Although the belt conveyor can be used for long-distance transportation, it will also be protected by baffles during the transportation process to ensure the safety of materials and prevent leakage. Therefore, the installation before the machine runs is also quite complicated. The following is a technical guide to understand the installation technology of belt conveyors. The belt loading conveyor is installed from start to finish. The step is to install from the headstock, install the middle frame in order, and then install the tailstock. Before installing the rack, first pull the centerline over the entire length of the conveyor belt. Keeping the center line of the conveyor on a straight line is an important condition for the normal operation of the conveyor belt. When installing the rack, you must also align the center line and set the rack to be flush with the same frame. The allowable error from the frame to the center line is plus or minus 1 mm per meter. However, the error in the center of the frame must not exceed 35 mm over the entire length of the conveyor. When installing the drive device, you can install the tail wheel and other tensioning devices. The axis of the tensioner drum should also be perpendicular to the centerline of the belt conveyor. The supporting frame must be straight and horizontal. For this reason, after installing the drive roller and support roller frame, the centerline and level of the conveyor should be finally corrected. Then the frame is fixed on the base or the floor. After the belt conveyor is fixed, the inlet and outlet devices can be installed. The ultimate standard of belt conveyors is to ensure that the conveyor belt always runs on the centerline of the rollers and rollers. When installing rollers, frames and rollers, the following requirements must be met: When the conveyor belt is suspended, the conveyor belt will be transported first. The strip is placed on the idler roller, and after the drive roller is wrapped, it is applied to the roller of the heavy-duty section. A 0.5-1.5 ton manual winch can be used to hang the strap.
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