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Installation sequence of unpowered roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-10

The structure of the unpowered roller conveyor is simpler than the general conveying equipment. The roller conveyor is mainly used as the traction mechanism and the bearing mechanism, and the material is continuously conveyed. The unpowered roller conveyor is mainly driven by the friction force produced by the roller conveyor idler to the roller loading conveyor, and is driven by the driving force.

The moving roller conveyor operates to realize the function of conveying and transferring. From the point of view of mechanical principle, the roller conveying

The driving force on both sides of the conveyor must be kept steady for smooth work and production.


With the rapid development of various industries, the level of mechanization and automation is getting higher and higher, and the application of unpowered roller conveyors is also

More and more widely, especially in food conveying and lifting operations, it has played an irreplaceable role.

The working principle of the type unpowered roller conveyor is very important for reducing the occurrence of unpowered roller conveyor accidents and improving the working efficiency of the conveyor.

Work efficiency is of great significance.

Installation of unpowered roller conveyor conveyors also

It needs to be carried out according to certain procedures, otherwise it will bring some inconvenience in the process of conveying materials in the future, because it involves operations

The technical requirements for the connection with production are relatively strict. The installation of the unpowered roller conveyor is as follows:

The first is the head frame of the unpowered roller conveyor. installation, in order to ensure the working operation of the unpowered roller conveyor

The center of the row should be on the same line, the center position should be accurately located on the full length of the fixed conveyor before installing the bracket

. In addition, in the process of installing the whole rack, the center position of the longitudinal direction should be on the same straight line and each section should be conveyed.

The conveying distance of the machine is the same. At the same time, it should be noted that the inclination angle of the horizontal position when carrying out the longitudinal conveying work is lag and meets the standard.

Whether the inclination meets the regulations during production operation. The deviation error of the single row rack and the overall conveyor is different for the center line

(The error value of a single row is ±0.1mm per meter, and the whole is ≦35mm), after the single section is connected, check whether the whole meets the installation requirements


The second is the installation of the drive device: the drive device is very important for the entire conveyor.

It is necessary to ensure that the drive shaft of the unpowered roller conveyor is perpendicular to the overall centerline of the unpowered roller conveyor, so as to ensure that there is no power

For smooth operation of the roller conveyor, the center line of the entire width of the driving roller conveyor also needs to coincide with the center of the belt conveyor to ensure the balance of the left and right driving forces.

Reduce roller conveyor deflection when running at reduced speed. After installation, the whole machine must be inspected to ensure that all components are flat

Installation in a stable position, the horizontal deviation of the shaft should be controlled within 0.5mm ~ 1.5mm, if the drive device is to be more safe and stable

work, you can install the tail wheel for tensioning, at the same time pay attention to the roller conveyor axis should be perpendicular to the center line of the whole machine.

Again, the installation of the idler in each part: in fact, the installation of the entire fixed unpowered roller conveyor is the most critical of

Part of it belongs to the idler, because whether the installation of this part meets the standards and requirements directly affects the service life of the conveyor, and also

Can have a greater effect on production efficiency. After the above devices are installed, the roller frame of the upper and lower rollers can be installed.

This is to enable the roller conveyor to have the function of changing direction. The spacing requirement is 1/2 to 1/3 of the normal idler frame spacing.

After the roller is installed, it should be carefully checked, and the roller conveyor must be flexibly rotated with the assistance of the idler frame.

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