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Influence of static unbalance of drum on performance of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-17
The roller is the main rotating part of the belt conveyor. Uneven material organization, part shape error, processing error, assembly error, and local asymmetry of structural shape will cause uneven distribution of the roller particle to its center of gravity axis, resulting in the rotating roller The main inertia axis of the center of gravity does not coincide with the axis of rotation, resulting in unbalanced centrifugal force, that is, static unbalance. Especially for heavy-duty or high-speed rollers, even with a small eccentricity (the eccentricity of the axis of gravity of the rotating part of the roller to the axis of rotation), it will cause very large unbalanced centrifugal force, which will directly cause wear on the shaft or bearing seat. In addition, due to uneven force, it is easy to cause vibration, which makes the belt conveyor run poorly and shortens the service life of the loading conveyor. Therefore, in principle, the smaller the unbalanced centrifugal force of the drum, the better, and it must be controlled in the actual production process to make it within the allowable range. 1. The allowable value of static unbalance of the drum is determined according to the requirements in GB-10595-1989 'Technical Conditions of Belt '. The accuracy of static balance of the drum should reach the G40 standard, that is, the allowable unbalance of the rotating part of the drum is equal to 40. As the standard, it meets the requirements when it is less than 40. The allowable value of static unbalance of the drum is related to the mass of the rotating part of the drum (that is, the rotor), the allowable eccentricity, and the rotation speed of the rotor. The allowable value of static unbalance is different for the same drum at different belt speeds. The higher the belt speed, the smaller the allowable value. 2. The method of controlling static imbalance of the drum. When the static imbalance of the drum exceeds the specified allowable value, although it can be compensated by adding materials to the drum tray, there are the following drawbacks: ①Increase production and manufacturing costs; ②Influence Product appearance; ③After long-term operation, the counterweight is easy to fall off; ④If the over-tolerance is too large, it will not be compensated, which is absolutely not allowed in the design and process. In the production process of the drum, our company changed the traditional process method, changed the check after the fact to the pre-control, and implemented key control on each link of the manufacturing process. Take the cast welding drum as an example, the specific instructions are as follows: (1) Ensure the coiling accuracy of the drum ① The coil head is inspected with a 120° arc template, and there should be no gap greater than 0.3mm, and consider preventing the sinking phenomenon during welding; ②Rolling The plate radius should be checked with a sample plate or die, and the thickness of the steel plate should be kept uniform; ③The coiling accuracy must be kept within 2mm to ensure the outer diameter of the drum and the minimum wall thickness after processing. (2) The key points of process control during the splicing process ①The inner wall of the splicing disc is used as a rough reference for aligning the outer circle, the inner hole and the end faces of each part in one clamping; ②The accuracy of the splicing disc wall thickness should not be greater than 3mm; ③The casting and welding disc should be made For static balance test, the allowable value of unbalance shall not be greater than 1kg. (3) The drum is not allowed to wrap the plate and then weld the longitudinal seam of the barrel skin. The process method of rounding the barrel and then attaching the plate is adopted, and the spot welding of the barrel and the connecting plate is carried out on the swing welding table. (4) Control points in the barrel processing process ① Pay attention to the alignment of the inner hole of the boring bar, adopt a dial indicator to be clamped on the boring bar, and use the inner hole as a benchmark during rough machining. The accuracy should be less than 0.5mm; ②After aligning, the boring bar is boring into the spigot and inner hole at both ends at one time; ③Detect the minimum wall thickness and the difference between the wall thickness of the drum. When measuring, in order to more accurately reflect the difference in wall thickness of the entire drum, for the cast and welded drum, the distance is 100mm from the circumferential seam, and the longitudinal circumferential seam is avoided by 50mm in the circumferential direction, and 4 lines are equally divided every 90°. Measure the wall thickness at 4 points uniformly on the line, the minimum value is greater than the minimum wall thickness, and the difference is less than the specified wall thickness difference.
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