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Improvement of belt conveyor belt connection technology

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-07
Commonly used conveyor belts, such as canvas belts, vinyl belts and nylon belts, are used to convey various non-corrosive block, granular and powder materials, such as coal, coke, sand and stone, under normal temperature conditions. Ordinary conveyor belts are generally made up to 100m long. When the length of the loading conveyor belt used by the belt conveyor exceeds 100m, the number of joints will increase; in addition, after the conveyor belt is worn, the damaged section needs to be replaced when it is replaced. The bearing capacity and service life of the conveyor belt on the belt conveyor have a great relationship with the quality of the joint. The joint quality is good, its bearing capacity is large, and the service life is long. The price of the conveyor belt is about 300 yuan/m. The extension of the service life of the conveyor belt can effectively reduce the cost of conveying equipment. Therefore, the handling of the loading conveyor belt joints is very important. 1. The commonly used mechanical joint method is hook-and-hook connection. The connecting belt buckle connected by the hook has a multi-claw shape. Use a hammer to wedge the hook claw into the belt end and pass it through the pin. For conveyor belts of different thicknesses, different types of belt buckles should be used to match them. With this joint method, the strength is greatly reduced, and the strength after clamping is only 35% to 40% of the strength of the conveyor belt itself. Generally not used, but mostly as emergency measures. 2. The hot glue vulcanization method cuts the cloth layer and glue layer of the joint part of the conveyor belt into a symmetrical difference according to a certain form and angle, coats it with glue to make it adhere, and then heats it for a certain time under certain pressure and temperature conditions After the vulcanization reaction, the raw rubber becomes vulcanized rubber, so as to obtain higher adhesion strength at the joint. The joint strength obtained by this method can reach 85% to 90% of the original conveyor belt. Although this kind of joint has high strength, its technical conditions are difficult to grasp. Accurately mastering its technical conditions is the key to ensuring the strength and life of the joint. Inadequate or improper control of vulcanization technical conditions can cause quality defects such as insufficient sulfur, excessive sulfur, delamination, blistering, skin washing, and bright scars. Furthermore, the vulcanization equipment is relatively heavy and inconvenient to transport. 3. The improved process of cold bonding and vulcanization The cold bonding method is carried out at room temperature, and the tools are simple and convenient, which brings great convenience to on-site construction. After the process is improved, the physical and mechanical properties and service life of the joint can reach the same level as the hot-bonding method. (1) The main steps in the processing of conveyor belt joints: making incisions, sub-steps, tearing and peeling steps, joint correction, polishing, etc. Whether the conveyor belt head can be connected correctly directly affects the use effect, so the center line of the conveyor belt joint must be found before the incision is made to ensure that the center line coincides when the mouth is closed. Joint processing process: ① Make an incision. Cut the interface into an oblique angle of αu003d30°~60° with the center line of the tape, so that it is not easy to be scraped by the cleaner, generally αu003d45°. ②Divided into steps. Divide the cut tape head into several steps of the same size. In general, the number of steps u003d the number of tape canvas layers-1, the width of the steps along the center line is 150-200mm, and the remaining 40-60mm on both sides of the conveyor belt will not be cut. To protect the connector. ③Tear and peel the steps. Peel the last step first (set the step at the end of the conveyor belt as the first one). When cutting, the knife should be light. Only one layer of canvas can be cut through, and the lower layer of canvas cannot be damaged. Then tear off the rubber layer of the working surface together with the first layer of canvas, but the remaining 40-60 mm on both sides of the loading conveyor belt should not be cut or peeled. Peel each step in turn according to the above process, the first step must have a layer of canvas and work surface adhesive. ④Combination correction. Align the center lines of the two stripped tape heads with the joints and observe the gaps at the joints to ensure that the joints are tightly fitted, not more than 1mm. If they are not suitable, trim them appropriately to ensure the quality of the glue joints. ⑤ Polishing. Use a hand-held wire-wheel sander or woodworking file to remove the remaining rubber on each step, taking care not to damage the canvas layer. (2) Brush the glued joints. After the canvas is penetrated, you can brush the glue. Generally, brush 3 times. The glue in the first pass is slightly thinner (solute: solventu003d1:6), and the glue in the second and third passes. The slurry is slightly thicker (solute:solventu003d1:3~4). According to the quality of the glue, the conveyor belt can be operated under heavy load after a few hours of storage. The joints made by this cutting method can basically not see the incision marks from the working surface and non-working surface of the belt conveyor and the two sides of the conveyor belt, which can effectively avoid the rot of the canvas layer caused by the infiltration of moisture into the canvas layer. Extend the service life of the conveyor belt.
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