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How to improve the working efficiency of conveyor rollers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-15
Since the idler is the main load and transmission component on the conveyor, its quality and smooth operation directly affect the working efficiency of the entire conveyor equipment. At present, the most common problem is that the conveyor idler is prone to non-rotating and jamming. This is mainly due to the fact that the existing structures are all hollow roller structures supported by bearing seats at both ends, and the length is relatively long. During processing, the concentricity between the bearings at both ends and the middle spindle is relatively high, and due to the long time transmission and load capacity For major reasons, the roller body is easily deformed due to vibration or external impact, or the main shaft is deformed. The bearings at the two ends of the roller body are different from the axis, and the phenomenon of jamming occurs. It needs to be replaced in time, otherwise it will seriously wear the Rubber conveyor belt affects work efficiency. In order to solve the above problems, it can be realized by a segmented belt idler with low processing accuracy, simple structure and no jamming phenomenon. The specific structure includes: the roller body and the roller, and the main feature is the roller of the idler. The body is a short roller body with a bearing seat inside. The bearing seat is provided with bearings and abuts against the roller shaft. Multiple roller bodies are connected in series on the roller shaft for use. One or more rollers can be installed in the bearing seat. Two adjacent bearings, this kind of product mainly changes the existing one-piece type into a multi-piece type, that is, multiple short rollers are connected in series on a main shaft. This structure completely changes the load bearing roller In the stressed state, the force it receives is directly applied to the rigid main shaft, which can prevent the short roll body from bending and deformation, greatly reducing its wear rate and increasing its service life. It does not need to be repaired and replaced frequently, and it protects the loading conveyor belt and other transportation. The supporting components of the machine can fully improve the working efficiency of the entire conveying equipment.
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