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How to deal with the deviation of the conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-05
As a simple conveyor belt equipment for beginners to practice, there are often troublesome deviation problems, because I have done several belt conveyors (ordinary belt conveyors, electric roller belt conveyors, retractable lifting belt conveyors, etc.) Share your own experience.

Introduction: The delivery device is one of the devices that can be seen everywhere now, and it can also be said to be automated blood. There are various types of conveying equipment, such as belt conveyors, chain conveyors, bucket conveyors, screw conveyors, roller conveyors, hanging conveyors and so on. Among them, the belt conveyor should be the most used one, and the belt conveyor has various distinctions such as belt conveying, synchronous belt conveying, and O-belt conveying. What I want to talk about today is the belt conveyor with a wide range of uses.

I. analysis

The structure of ordinary loading conveyor is simple, only need one fixed frame, two rollers, one drive mechanism , tensioning mechanism and a belt can rotate the conveying items. If the equipment deviates, the tensioning mechanism will generally be adjusted. Indeed, adjusting the tensioning mechanism should solve 80% of the deviation problem, but sometimes it cannot be adjusted for a few hours.

Now analyze the various components: the roller (including the adjustment mechanism), bear the brunt, the 'culprit'; fix the frame, put the belt on it, there seems to be no problem; the drive mechanism, It seems to be no problem if it is only responsible for turning it; the belt should be the 'victim'.

Analyzing the rollers, the belt deviation is generally caused by the non-parallel rollers, causing lateral force, and exceeding the absorption range of the belt itself, causing serious deviation or even wear and stuck.


Second, common solutions

Analyzed Above, it seems that the problem lies in the adjustment of the roller, because there is no other place to move, the common solutions are:

1. Adjustment mechanism: the most basic configuration, can solve the general Deviation; adjustment within a certain range.

2. Roller width: that is, the roller is wider than the belt, giving it a margin for free deviation; the ability to adjust in a small range.

3. Setting assistance: some sidewall mechanisms will be set to block the deviation, such as guide pulleys on both sides of the belt, limit positions, etc.; small-scale adjustment, serious deviation and acceleration damage the belt .

4. Drum-shaped roller: The roller is made into a drum-shaped convex in the middle, so that both sides have the ability to offset part of the lateral force; if adjusted within a certain range, it should be is the cone of view determined.

5. Guide bar belt: set the guide bar under the belt to prevent the belt from deviating. Adjusted within a certain range, and the guide bar is seriously damaged.

In fact, these can all solve the deviation problem in a certain program, but there are still a few cases, even if the above solutions are all set, there is still a possibility of deviation, because the adjustment limited ability.

Third, the source of the problem

The above settings can not completely adjust the deviation problem, it can be traced back to the bottom or the lateral force problem, the above adjustment is also to offset A certain range of lateral forces. In this case, the question is, how is the lateral force generated? Obviously:

1. The structure problem, the parallelogram is serious, resulting in excessive lateral force, and the adjustment mechanism exceeds the adjustment range. This can be confirmed by measuring the diagonal length with a tape measure at the beginning of assembly.

2. In some cases, re-assembly and parallelism may not be solved, because the frame and the upper belt mechanism form a space quadrilateral. At this time, it is necessary to confirm the height of each roller at both ends during installation. Consistent situation.

So, is there anything else to watch out for besides parallelograms?

belts also need to be paid attention to during use, do not be too tight when tensioning, and pay attention not to be too tight on both sides, otherwise the belt itself will easily cause one side to exceed the elastic range, resulting in Conical surface, which generates lateral force by itself.

When the conveyor belt is installed and used, according to the elastic range of the belt, assuming about 0.1%-0.3%, the length of 1000mm can be marked on both sides of the belt, and the two sides are evenly tensioned to 1001mm or so.

The above is the experience summed up after I have made the belt. In addition, if there is a telescopic, large-scale multi-section function, it is best to set the adjustment mechanism at the end and the tension mechanism at the other end.

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