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How to choose the power of the electric drum

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-25
The current electric drum is one of the relatively effective and reliable driving methods available for belt conveyors. At present, the most powerful explosion-proof three-phase permanent magnet synchronous electric drum for mining in China is power, which is developed and manufactured by JASUNG and enjoys the patent right.

Using this electric drum for transportation in coal mines is labor-saving and convenient, the sturdy shaft and ball bearing design ensures a long service life, and the stable gearbox can not only effectively provide high torque to the conveyor, but also Comfortable and low-noise operation is ensured. Moreover, its running speed is uniform, which saves the space occupied by the motor, hydraulic coupler, and reduction box, thereby increasing the pedestrian space and greatly increasing the safety factor.

roller power: how to calculate the power of roller motor

The electrical principle of roller motor is actually the principle of three-phase asynchronous motor, but just reverse the static and dynamic of the stator and rotor, It is to fix the rotor we usually think of, and connect the stator to the gear pair to drag the belt. Its power calculation formula is: square root of Pu003d3*U*I*n*cos(a)

The parameters in the formula are all rated values, rated voltage U, rated current I, efficiency coefficient n, and power factor cos(a) can be found on the motor nameplate. Sometimes n can't be found, you can ask the manufacturer for information.

Conveying roller power: Knowing the goods that the belt loading conveyor needs to convey, how to calculate the power of the main roller?

Due to the different driving methods of chain conveyors, belt conveyors, etc., the calculation methods are not the same. The traction force needs to be calculated first if the sprocket is used, and the circular force of the drum should be calculated first if the drum is used. After the driving force F is calculated, the power P can be calculated by the following formula: Pu003dKFV/(η) In the formula: K—power Spare coefficient; F—driving force; V—linear speed; η—total efficiency. Torque calculation, after finding the driving force F, multiplying the radius of the sprocket indexing circle or the radius of the drum, the driving torque can be obtained.

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