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Electric car assembly line items that should be paid attention to

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-03
The operating power source of electric car assembly line to be briefly three phase four wire, outside with a master switch a, ( Three phase four wire 4 pole switch are available, and also can use only control the three-phase power supply switch, the zero line directly, attention must not will be the second connection zero line also after another switch) 。 2, start the motor method: first, turning on the power supply at this time of three power light will all bright, prove the three-phase power supply has the distribution box. At this time can open blue button click on the motor, can start the motor, if cannot start, can open the door is distribution, look at the row of the second DZ108 switch, is red, blue. If not this blue can sag. Motor starts, and then open the electric car assembly line speed control switch, speed table potentiometer to slowly rise again, make the speed of the speed express to want. To turn it off when the speed table potentiometer slowly toward the first cut to zero, then close speed control switch, electric organ red button again, can stop the motor. Then will always switch off. 3, fluorescent lamp start light blue button, can start the fluorescent lamp, and then click the light red red button, can stop the fluorescent lamp. If fluorescent lamp is not bright, please check whether the fluorescent lamp bracket on flat switch is open in 1 position. Then check that the first row of the third and fourth DZ47 whether in the open position. Maintenance method 1, head of the motor repair and maintenance methods: should the motor into the water, nor on the motor with diesel oil and liquid organic compound, because it may lead to damage of the insulation of the motor and a failure. With the motor speed head maintenance method. The rest of the tracing electrical manual motor maintenance and maintenance. 2, the chain of repair and maintenance methods: chain after running for a long time may cause the original lubricating oil heating volatilization, and cause chain imbalance in the operation process, increase noise, creep, etc. At this time, can open the tail sealing board, to the chain with butter or a bit stronger lubricating oil and so on. 2, electric vehicle assembly line head reducer of repair and maintenance methods: used for the first time in about three months net, put the oil in the reducer reducer with diesel or gasoline cleaning inside, put the net after the new lubricating oil to the middle of the window. ( Every month should pay attention to whether the lubrication) 。 A year after the lubricating oil in it again. Lubricating oil too much may cause fever reducer, motor overload causes jumped protection switch. Lubricating oil could trigger a little fever reducer, increase noise reducer hanged and scrap.
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