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Disadvantages and technical problems of broken shaft of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-09
Nowadays, the process of urbanization is constantly developing, and economic globalization is constantly growing. Automated conveying equipment makes my country's automation industry gradually become one of the important contents of economic development. Belt conveyors are a very important link in conveying equipment. 1 Abnormal noise analysis and processing technology of belt conveyors. In the general mission of belt conveyors, the frequency of abnormal noises is very high, and the place where they occur is often driving disassembly and driving rollers. The noise in this part is usually very small, so people often ignore the noise problem. Therefore, relevant personnel should pay special attention to this issue when searching the belt conveyor. If a louder sound is emitted from the bearing seat, further investigation should be carried out immediately to effectively prevent the occurrence of the belt conveyor from becoming more serious. The results. Not only the belt conveyor, but also frequent noise at the two shafts of the coupling. The most important reason for this problem is that when the high-speed end of the drive assembly is in normal operation, the coupling of both the machine and the motor is accelerated. However, this kind of noise often accompanies very intense motor rotation and vibration. This must be done. In-depth investigation in the first temporary room. 2 Disadvantages of material spreading of belt conveyors and processing technology. Belt conveyors are very idle in normal operation. The personnel must take sufficient face to face the mission of this achievement, and pay special attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the material. In general, the position where the belt conveyor is more likely to have material spattering in the general mission is the concave section. In addition, the material spattering at the reprinting point is also rare. Among them, the former is due to the concave section of the belt when it is suspended. The radius of its curvature is too small, causing some changes in the groove, and finally separating the roller group from the belt and the like. In the future, the belt will no longer be able to cover the roller set reasonably, which will cause the problem of spreading material in the concave section of the belt in the suspended phase. Therefore, in response to the material spilling problem at this location, the mission personnel should decide as much as possible to use the groove with a large concave curvature radius to prevent the frequent occurrence of this situation to the greatest extent, so as to facilitate the transportation work. The prerequisite for normal operation and insufficient supply. At the same time, the mission personnel can also adjust the concave section of the stacker and reclaimer equipment to a degree range without arcs, so as to further increase the conflict of the belt loading conveyor. 3 Analysis and treatment technology of the disadvantages of belt deviation of belt conveyors In addition to the abnormal noise of belt conveyors, belt deviations of belt conveyors are also one of the disadvantages that are very easy to appear in the production process of today's enterprises. There are many reasons for this problem. Individuals can be divided into three types. For the causes of differences, mission personnel must make corresponding solutions. The most commonly used method is to adjust the supporting roller set. When the belt loading conveyor belt deviation occurs, the maintenance personnel can adjust the actual position of the roller set to deal with, so that the two sides of the roller set can be assembled. The processing length of the hole further reaches the best in production. At the same time, the load bearing result of the belt conveyor idler group must be adjusted, so that the environment in which the middle part of the belt can deviate can be effectively increased. When performing specific control, a reasonable position adjustment should be made according to the position where the roller set deviated. 4 Belt conveyor speed up machine broken shaft disadvantages and treatment technology The speed of the belt conveyor speed up machine shaft broken, the frequency of occurrence at the high-speed shaft is very high, usually the first stage is a high-speed shaft with a hypothetical vertical bevel gear. If the high-speed shaft is not centered, the motor shaft and the high-speed shaft of the reducer are not centered, then there will be an environment where the radial load of the input shaft of the speed up machine is increased, and the shaft will be broken for a long time. In addition, if the hypothetical strength of the high-speed shaft of the speed-up machine cannot reach the actual required standard, and at the same time, because of the transitional fillet at this position, the possibility of damage will increase greatly. Not only that, when the broken shaft dual motor drive is driven by dual motors, and the hypothesis of speeding up the high-speed shaft is too small, the possibility of the broken shaft problem is very large. This is because the two motors are running or driving. The two components of force and speed cannot be guaranteed in the process.
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