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Design of Damping Device for Roller Conveyor Parts

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-29

The overall configuration of the roller conveyor is to reasonably arrange the position and connection relationship of each component, determine the power transmission route, and the connection relationship with the transmission roller, so that the process route of the entire damping device is smooth and reasonable, and it is easy to use, adjust and maintain.

The built-in damping roller conveyor is a simple and practical new damping device , its versatility is great, the following is its whole

body design;
When considering the transmission route design of the internal structure of the damping roller conveyor, we must pay attention to several

First, its overall size is small, and it cannot use too many gears and other transmission devices. For universal use, we choose

With standard gears.
Second, compared with the external damping roller conveyor, the built-in damping roller conveyor is simpler

, it is more convenient to install, and all use standard parts, easy to replace parts.
Three is a small volume that needs to reach

For the purpose of speeding up, it needs to be installed quite compactly. So the drive system must work reliably. So considering the above
Several characteristics of
, its transmission route design should consider the following principles:

1. The transmission route should be simplified as much as possible;

Use worm gear as little as possible;
3. Use gear transmission as much as possible, and use less chain transmission, because all standard gears are used.

Wheel, so it is easy to maintain and easy to replace;
Using the gravity of the goods conveyed on the gravity roller conveyor to drive the inner

The gear rotates, which drives the planetary gear train, and drives the center wheel through the speed-up effect of the planetary gear train, so that the speed of the center wheel is higher than

Internal gear, thereby driving the brake block, the damping roller loading conveyor is decelerated by the action of friction, thereby decelerating the transmission roller.

This transmission system is not only simple, there is no requirement for special beads for the processing of each part, and the production of the whole machine is relatively convenient and feasible, suitable for various

Large-scale production of various manufacturers, economical and reliable. The brake block is the braking speed-limiting part of the built-in Yinni roller conveyor.

The structure of the body is as follows: it includes two brake blocks, one end of each brake block is hinged on the center wheel through a shaft, and the brake block can surround

Swing around the pin;

The other end is connected to the center wheel through the spring In conjunction, the tension of the spring keeps the brake pads normally retracted. when

When the sliding speed of the conveyed object increases, the rotation speed of the brake roller also increases. Through the acceleration effect of the planetary mechanism, the rotation speed of the center wheel increases.

Also increases until the centrifugal force generated is enough to make the two systems swing outward around the pin shaft against the spring tension, contacting the wall of the brake roller to squeeze

Tight, produce a braking effect, so that the speed of the conveyed material is gradually reduced. If you have any questions after reading the above,

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