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Deformation of electric heating stainless steel roller do not? 吗?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-06
Roller production requirements: 1. Roller should have enough stiffness, to ensure the bending deformation under overload will not exceed allowable values. 2. The surface of the roller should have sufficient rigidity, usually require up to 50 degrees above the HRC, and have strong corrosion resistance. Coating has the ability to resist stripping, work to ensure that the roll surface has good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. 3. Roller working surface should be through fine processing, to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. Roughness should be greater than Ra0. 16, and should not have holes or slots. Wall thickness must be uniform on the surface of the work rolls, or roll surface temperature will be uneven, affect the quality of the product. 4. Roller materials should have good thermal conductivity, under special circumstances, is usually a chilled cast iron, cast steel or chrome molybdenum alloy steel, both heating and cooling, can achieve fast. Roll is usually made from seamless steel pipe, according to different process, the use of aluminum alloy 6061 t5, 304 l / 316 l stainless steel, 2205 duplex stainless steel, cast steel, solid forged alloy steel reinforced as materials, such as stainless steel square roller, stainless steel power roller and so on. Roller production is mainly composed of the initial process of the roller body, initial static balance, the shaft head interference assembly welding, precision turning and precision dynamic balancing process. If required roundness and cylindricity and straightness of the geometric tolerance is less than 0. 2 mm, it must be after finishing grinding cylindrical grinder or roller mill. If you need to surface hardness, need to increase the heat treatment process. After the roll forming, for anti-corrosion, anti-wear and support, the purpose of surface treatment or coating treatment is needed, such as painting, galvanized, teflon coating, rubber coating, chrome plating, the ceramic coating and oxidation. By size classification, has the large drum (such as papermaking machinery Length can reach more than 10 meters and more than 1500 mm in diameter), , small flat roller (such as automatic conveyor belt conveyor Length is usually less than 1 meter) And also within 159 mm in diameter) 。 According to the functional division, the digital transmission roller on the laser printer will need to ensure accuracy, whereas the calender rollers on the paper machine needs to be pressure filter, while supporting roller does not require a high dimensional accuracy, and heat. Replace the drum has also play a role in high pressure filter drum. In order to prolong the service life of the photosensitive drum, must complete the drum maintenance work. 1. Regular cleaning the roller of dust and other foreign material. 2. Regularly check the drum shell and cover between the welding position is strong. 3. Good lubricity, reduce wear loss. 4. To avoid overload operation and prolong the service life of the photosensitive drum.
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