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Daily problem inspection items of mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan     2021-06-19
The mesh belt generally has a certain life span under normal use. When it has been used for a long time, it will be extended due to normal wear, or stretched due to overload, which will increase the mesh belt pitch; any of the above reasons will cause the mesh belt to lose sufficient embedding. When the mesh belt conveyor is running, natural wear will occur between the mesh belt support slide rail and the gear. If there is temporary or abnormal friction loss, it is necessary to make the mesh belt convey If the function continues to run smoothly, it must be replaced. Usually when we replace the mesh belt conveyor with a new mesh belt, we should replace the new supporting slide rail and gear together. Negligence of one or more of them will increase the wear of the conveyor components and shorten the service life of the parts. Mesh belt usually only needs to replace one or two damaged parts, or part of a single area. So you only need to remove the damaged parts and replace them with new ones. Daily problem inspection items of mesh belt loading conveyor: 1 Check whether the mesh belt is abnormally worn or damaged. 2 The overhang at the bottom of the conveyor is in a certain normal position. No abnormality) 3 Use the mesh belt tension adjustment device to check whether the tension of the tension adjuster is excessive, and must not exceed the force that the mesh belt bears (except for push conveyors) 4 All support rollers can rotate smoothly. Whether there is excessive wear on the 5 wheels. 6 Whether there is any foreign matter between the gear and mesh belt, it must be cleaned up. 7 Check whether all supporting slide rails and side guides are excessively or abnormally worn. Whether the 8-pass passive shaft and the mesh belt are completely integrated. 9 Whether all lubrication parts are normal. 10 All parts of the mesh belt conveyor system that need to be cleaned.
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