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Conveyor motor requirements

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-06
Machinery focuses on the design of conveyors and the customization of conveyors. It is a backbone enterprise in the conveyor industry. Various types of conveyors are produced to meet the different needs of customers. Users of conventional mobile conveyors, fixed conveyors and various heterosexual conveyors have a good evaluation of our conveyors, and they are manufacturers that customers can rest assured. Many users inquire about our conveyors, and we will also provide objective advice to our customers based on years of production experience. The editor will introduce the problems of conveyor motors and couplings. The rated speed of the loading conveyor motor is selected according to the requirements of the production machinery. Generally, the speed of the motor is not less than 500 rpm, because when the power is fixed, the speed of the motor is low, the larger the size, the more expensive the price, and the low efficiency . If the motor speed is high, the number of pole pairs is small, and the size and weight are small and the price is low. The total power of the motor used in the belt conveyor in this design is 8kw, so a motor with a rated power of 11kw is required. It is proposed to use a Y160L-6 motor with an efficiency of 87% and a full load speed of 970 rpm, which can meet Claim. Coupling is a commonly used component in mechanical transmission. It is used to connect two shafts together. The two shafts cannot be separated when the machine is running; the two shafts can be separated only after the machine is stopped and the connection is disconnected. Due to manufacturing and installation errors, deformation after load, and temperature changes, the two shafts connected by the coupling often cannot guarantee strict alignment, but there is a certain degree of relative displacement. This requires that when designing the coupling, various measures must be taken from the structure to make it have the performance to adapt to a certain range of relative displacement. According to the ability to compensate for various relative displacements (whether the function of the link can be maintained under the condition of relative displacement), couplings can be divided into rigid couplings (without compensation capabilities) and flexible couplings (with compensation capabilities) ) Two categories. Flexible couplings can be divided into two categories: flexible couplings without elastic elements and flexible couplings with elastic elements. The mechanical loading conveyor manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing, and has solved a lot of troubles for customers. Our conveyor manufacturing technology has also been recognized by customers. Welcome customers who need conveyors to inquire, and Machinery looks forward to cooperating with you!
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