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Chain scraper conveyor is widely used in the inevitable trend in the beverage industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-25
With the development of modern chain scraper conveyor and the demand of the market, the development of the beverage industry is becoming more and more extensive, with fruit and vegetable drinks, tea drinks, beer, sports drinks and carbonated beverages. Beverage chain conveyor can meet the beverage conveying equipment such as labeling, filling and cleaning of single delivery requirements, also can make single into multiple columns and walking slowly, resulting in storage capacity, satisfy the sterilization, storage of bottle, cold bottle machine feeding requirements, we will be able to two scraper chain conveyor head to tail to make superimposed mixed chains, make the bottle ( Tank) Body is in a state of dynamic transition, making the transmission line is not stranded in the bottle, can satisfy the stress and pressure of the empty bottle conveying. As a professional production chain conveyor manufacturers, beverage market prospect analysis the development trend of chain scraper conveyor on the big to the following: ( 1) Chain conveyor need to adapt to changes in the renewal of the products; Chain plate conveyor confidential is highly flexible and flexibility, and allowed to a certain size range of the inner packing production line main size can change. Because the product life cycle is far shorter than the service life of conveyor equipment, change of product and packaging not replace expensive packaging production line. ( 2) When there is common faults conveying machinery equipment should speed the newsletter. The solution into a computer in advance, when conveying equipment common to fault diagnosis. Can implement remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. ( 3) For mechanical equipment has good recognition. On the one hand, can automatically identify the thickness of the packing material, hardness, resilience, etc. , through the computer feedback to the device hand movement range of speed regulation, and ensure that won't bounce back. On the other hand, a variety of different products, such as shapes of chocolate or snacks, put into the same box, its are arranged regularly. Belt production line represents the products of disorderly, usable probe scans. Determine different shaped material position, then feedback to different manipulator, it can accurately to deliver goods according to the accurate position and direction of the kindergarten plate, fast and exact, exclude the vision of manual operation and the fatigue of the fingers. ( 4) The higher requirements for the production efficiency, the better. This would reduce the cost of the products to meet the delivery date. High-speed packaging machine requirements associated with before have cohesion, do not need to transport links, including control of cohesion, the whole production line according to arrange to do reverse order to start the production and packaging processes, order downtime. Such as automatic on-line cold filling production line from the plastic raw material to the beverage filling and large packaging stacking all automatically in a closed shop. ( 5) Can try to reduce the pollution of the environment. Reduce including noise and dust pollution, and waste reduction as far as possible, it is particularly important in the process of food processing. Food ingredients not only harvest main products during processing, such as corn processing, products in addition to corn starch, corn oil, salad oil, margarine, glucose, corn protein and feed to mansion wastewater treatment such as the production process, are all automatic. No waste, no pollution, the value of other products have been far more than the value of corn starch. All in all, automation, efficient, energy-saving will is a common pursuit of food and packaging machinery manufacturers. Numerous fruit juice beverage brands choose scraper chain conveyor for conveying the main has the following several reasons. The first is the investment cost of beverage production line problem has always been beverage industry concern, with the development of modern science and technology and the rise of some of the material the transportation equipment price is natural beverage production line of concern to users. The advantage of beverage chain scraper conveyor in beverage conveying all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, can also transport type bags, not only has the conveying surface smooth smooth, friction, material also has a smooth transition in the middle of the conveyor line. Other beverage chain scraper conveyor is mainly based on the material such as stainless steel and engineering plastic, there are many different kinds of specifications, can also according to the process requirements of conveying material selection, to meet the different needs of all walks of life. Second beverage chain conveyor can be widely used by industry, also because of its can be directly with water or soak in the water directly, when making clean is more convenient than other transportation equipment, it is important to meet in the food industry, beverage industry safety standards and health requirements. Its layout for conveying equipment is very flexible, can be done on a transmission line level, tilt and turn. Again due to the delivery of all kinds of drinks have different requirements, such as turning, falling, transfering, etc; Chain conveyor can also according to the product requirements to select different width, different chain plate and different materials such as carbon steel chain plates, flat-top chain, chain, linear chain plate roof, ball chain plate, chain plate for tetra pak, a magnetic chain of turning plate, chain plate and special needs antistatic chain plate, etc. , can be done separately for plane delivery, plane turning, the requirements of the lifting and lowering transmission, which is the selection of chain scraper conveyor is widely in the main reason for the beverage industry. According to beverage industry marketing incomplete analysis, now the development of the beverage chain scraper conveyor trend is toward more high quality and speed, higher accuracy and towards the development of large-scale beverage equipment assembly line. In order to adapt to the beverage industry production, in order to get better economic benefit, beverage chain conveyor is more and more tend to be large; For beverage equipment multi-functional mechanical and electrical integration, a body multi-purpose also will gradually become important trend in the development of beverage machinery and equipment in the future.
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