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Can chain conveyor gears be between parallel shafts and any staggered shafts?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-30
The gear of the chain loading conveyor has an involute profile, and the sprocket has a 'three-arc straight' tooth profile. The gears can be driven between parallel shafts and any interleaved shafts, and the sprocket can only be driven between parallel shafts. The gear transmission is compact, and the sprocket can be driven for a long distance.  The gear is driven by two teeth, and the two sprockets are driven by chains. The torque of the gear is greater than the torque of the sprocket. Gear machining accuracy and installation cost are higher than sprocket. Sprocket drives are suitable for long-distance, light-weight and low-cost transmissions.  The precision and precision of processing intermediate sprocket and sprocket. Chain drive is smaller than gear drive. The parameters of the existing chain drive (gear ratio, etc.) can be easily changed. Under normal conditions, chain drives have high sprocket gears and chains. The sprocket has a large arc and small stress concentration. Therefore, the chain drive has a large load carrying capacity and very low tooth wear.   The sprocket of a chain conveyor is driven by a chain, usually in English units. There are single-line, double-line and multi-line. Suitable for low speed, heavy load, high temperature and other working conditions. Compared with gears, it can be used for double shafts. The gears are driven by meshing with each other. Most units are metric and expressed in modulus. The power and speed range of the gearbox is very large. The structure is compact, the transmission ratio is large, the efficiency is high, and the service life is long.  Because the chain conveyor sprocket has good elasticity and stores lubricating oil at each hinge part of the chain, it has better cushioning ability and vibration absorbing ability than rigid contact teeth. When the transmission capacity is limited by space, the distance is small, the instantaneous transmission ratio is constant, or the transmission ratio is too high, the speed is fast, the noise requirement is small, and the performance is good. Sprocket drive is inferior to gear drive.
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