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Briefly summarize the electronic control system of the logistics sorting line conveyor

by:YiFan     2021-06-22
In the process of transporting objects on the transportation line, it is often necessary to classify the transported objects, that is, to sort the transported objects on the main transport track according to the affirmative requirements and send them to their respective transport tracks, such as processing production lines or assembly lines. Boxes, storage, etc. To complete this sorting, it is often necessary to code the various transported items first. When sorting, the code reading system is used to translate the code of each item to confirm the branch track that each item should go to, and then all the items are transported. During the process, the code is always transmitted with the transported item. There have been many design plans for this kind of coding and reading system, and these plans have been ordinaryly applied to various transportation processes, so I won't repeat them. What I want to introduce here is a way to encode and read the code according to the appearance size of the transported part or the transport fixture. This method eliminates the tedious coding process, but can complete reliable sorting.  1 coding method  The code reader is composed of three photoelectric switches. The height of the photoelectric switch is as follows: switch 1 is 20-30cm, switch 2 is 10-20cm, and switch 3 is 0-10cm. Assuming that the height of the transported part is A: 25cm, B: 15cm, C8cm, when they start and end the barcode reader, the transportation of the three photoelectric switches will change: when there are objects to be transported, the photoelectric switch corresponding to the height is ON. If it is 1, it is possible to distinguish the category of each transported item.  2 The composition and working principle of the logistics sorting line loading conveyor   The logistics sorting line conveyor is composed of three parts: planning track, main conveying track and sub-track. The operator puts the transported part on the planning track. When the main transport track sends out a message of promise to enter, the transported part is sent to the main transport track. When the code reader performs the code reading and sorting of the transported part, the corresponding operation will be activated. The sorting device will be transported to the corresponding sub-track.   The so-called sorting device is X, Y two sorting doors, they can be controlled by miniature electric ideas or electromagnets, pneumatic and hydraulic components, and according to the different positions to create three different sorting channels. C is a code reader, which is composed of three photoelectric switches C1, C2, and /3: K0, K1, and K2 are also photoelectric switches. When door X rotates to the right and door Y rotates to the left, the sorting channel for transport piece B is caused; when door X rotates to the right and door Y also rotates right, it causes the sorting channel for transport piece A; when door X rotates to the left, door Y is also When turning to the left, it creates a sorting channel for shipment C.  3 control requirements   (1) When all the systems are activated, the main transport track and each sub-orbit may be activated at the same time. (2) The planning orbit can only be activated after the main transport track starts to operate to prevent objects from accumulating on the main transport track. The section interval KK2 should be maintained before and after the transported parts on the main conveying track (3) When the sorting door is obstructed or the conveyed parts are close to the sorting door, the operation of the main conveying track can be stopped by the function of K2 (4) ) The control system should have corresponding overload protection performance. Did everyone get the above content? If you have anything else you want to know, please consult us in detail and we will serve you sincerely.
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