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Application of belt conveyor backstop accessories

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-27
The belt conveyor is not only composed of various mechanical parts, but also composed of various devices, of which the backstop is one of them. The chain feeder is an auxiliary equipment in the mechanized storage and transportation system of lime production enterprises. Its main function is to continuously and uniformly feed processed or unprocessed materials from a certain equipment (hoppers, storage bins, etc.) The belt conveyors used in material feeding equipment or transportation machinery include universal mobile type, underground selection type, fixed type for open pit mine, special structure type, removable conveyor, special reprinting function type for loader, large-incline conveyor, etc., Generally speaking, the short-distance in-plant conveyor can complete horizontal, upward or downward transportation. The reversible pattern belt conveyor can be used for two-way conveying of materials. The dryer mesh belt is a method that uses static friction and is driven by friction to transport materials in a continuous manner. Machinery. The application of belt conveyor can form a material conveying process on a certain conveying line from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point. The belt conveyor has a large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and parts. Standardization and other advantages, widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries to transport loose materials or finished items. According to the requirements of the transportation process, it can be transported by a single unit, or composed of multiple units or combined with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined Conveying system to meet the needs of different layout types of operation lines, suitable for conveying powdery, granular, small lumps and bagged materials that have a bulk density of less than 1.67/ton/m3 and are easy to extract, such as Coal, gravel, sand, cement (material: powdery hydraulic inorganic cementitious material), fertilizer, grain, etc. The temperature of the delivered material is less than 60°C. The captain and assembly form can be determined according to user requirements, and the drive can be an electric drum or a drive device with a drive frame. The basic working principle of the tunnel drying oven: under the monitoring of the computer system, the bottles are transported by the conveyor belt into the preheating zone, high temperature sterilization zone and low temperature cooling zone of the tunnel sterilization oven. The conveyor belt speed is steplessly adjustable, and the temperature monitoring system is set to have no paper or paper records. The whole process is always under the protection of one hundred levels of laminar flow. Its main function is to prevent the inclined belt conveyor from reversing or sliding when the load stops, and to avoid damage to the belt conveyor and other parts, which may cause accidents. The commonly used backstops in belt conveyors include roller backstops, belt backstops and special-shaped block backstops. The belt baffle of the belt loading conveyor is mainly composed of a limiter, a brake belt and a backstop. When the drum is positive, the brake band is stored in the limit, and the limiter is made of metal steel plate. The function of the brake is to prevent the brake belt from being too far away from the drum to achieve the purpose of braking. One end of the brake band is fixed on the metal frame. When the roller reverses, the brake belt is brought between the conveyor belt and the roller, and the reverse rotation of the roller and the conveyor belt stops due to friction. The belt-type backstop has a single cylinder structure and is suitable for low-power (referring to how much work an object does in a unit time) belt loading conveyor. Its disadvantage is that it must be reversed for a period of time when parking. The larger the roller diameter, the longer the reverse distance. Therefore, this backstop is not suitable for high-power and large-capacity conveyors. The special-shaped block backstop is a special form of special-shaped block clutch used for the backstop. It is composed of a rear baffle body and a rear baffle arm. One end of the check arm is fixed with the outer ring of the check body, and the other end is fixed on the conveyor frame or foundation to obtain a reverse stopping moment. Its working principle is similar to that of a cylindrical backstop, in which the special-shaped block in the backstop plays a key role. Roller backstop is a roller overrunning clutch composed of inner ring, outer ring, roller and spring. The outer ring does not move. When the conveyor is running normally, the inner ring rotates counterclockwise, the roller is located at the large end of the wedge-shaped space, and the roller does not work. When the inner ring rotates clockwise, the roller is not driven by the inner ring, but moves to the small end of the wedge-shaped space under the action of the spring force. The inner ring of the backstop cannot move due to friction between the roller and the inner and outer rings of the backstop. Similarly, when the outer ring is not fixed, it can also be used as a speed limit overrunning clutch.
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