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Angle conveyor and Z conveyor configuration options

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-16
The difference between using angle conveyors and Z conveyors Angle conveyor conveyors can operate in horizontal, inclined, inclined or Z-shaped configurations. When you need to lift the product to a higher height, you can use an angle loading conveyor (imagine a hockey stick configuration) or a Z-conveyor (some people call it a gooseneck configuration). Before making a choice, please take some time to compare the benefits of using the most common angle conveyor and the non-standard Z-conveyor. Most continuous belt conveyors can operate in an angular configuration. However, in order for a continuous belt to run in a Z-shape, it must be a non-tensioned belt. In addition to being able to operate at an angle and in a Z-shaped configuration, non-tensioned belts can also save costs. Untensioned belts can save cost of ownership because they can be tracked automatically, require no maintenance, and do not need to be replaced regularly. The end of the conveyor to which the product is conveyed is also the electric end of the conveyor, which is usually called a drive module. The drive module contains shafts, bearings, motors, sprockets, and pillow blocks; therefore, making it the heaviest part of the conveyor. In order to properly support the weight of the drive module, the angle conveyor needs a leg at the end of the conveyor. The placement of the leg supports at the end of the loading conveyor makes it impossible to place boxes or tables under the conveyor to correctly receive the conveyed products. In contrast, the Z-shaped structure allows the leg support to retreat a few feet, which enables the cantilever drive module to transfer the conveyed parts to the center of the box or table, which is the preferred lowering position.
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